And Then Everything Fell Apart

And then everything broke

Yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday was one of those days where important things break, other things fall apart, and you’re compelled to self soothe with tuna melts, french fries and beer… and a prayer or two… or three, or four.

And then everything broke

The day started off with such promise.  I decided to take in the sweltering Los Angeles afternoon while reading these two new cookbooks….

And then everything broke

I was also going to write a little something to you.  Here on this blog.  Using the very computer this little blog was born on.

I love this computer.  I also love to make lists on note pads with hearts… duh.

And then everything broke

My computer had other ideas.

Maybe this had something to do with the fact that I accidentally knocked my computer off my couch armrest and onto the concrete floor.  Maaaaaybe that had something to do with the above panic sign.  Probably.  Dangit.  My bad.

Super frustrated with myself, I took an angry nap.  I woke up with a headache.  Not awesome.

I tried to get over myself.  Nobody likes a brat.

I sat on the edge of my bed, closed my eyes and thanked the good Lord for blessing me with a computer that allowed me to connect with all of you silly people and to create a freakin’ career for myself.  I owed the man some serious thanks.  It made me feel better.


And then everything broke

… my coffee table fell apart.

No joke.  Just totally collapsed.

Yes-  I have a crap-ton of stuff on my coffee table.

Yes- among that crap-ton of stuff is a giant whisk… on my coffee table.  Yea.

I didn’t scream.  I wasn’t upset.  I’m not sure I was even surprised.  I just picked up my camera, took a few pictures and then cleaned up the mess.

This time my prayer for the good Lord was to thank him for sparing my grandmother’s milk glass cake stand from breaking.  And I ended the prayer with… Really?  I mean… reeeaallly!?  Geeez!

And then everything broke

Know what turns the tide?

Tuna melts.  French fries.  Beer… and realizing that your tiny glass spoon was also spared in the  coffee table wreckage.  Also very important:  friends with extra computers.  Thank you.

Today is better.  Today is muuuuch better.

113 thoughts on “And Then Everything Fell Apart

  1. Oh man! I hope your computer gets better soon. That is the worst when stuff like that happens. I can relate to your reaction to your coffee table breaking, and not being surprised. Sometimes days are just a mess, but thank goodness for tuna melts + beer. Fo real.

  2. I just laughed so hard sitting here at work. Hilarious. That’s such a day in the life of me. Why, why, why??…at least we have our sense of humor still with us at the end of the day. And carbs. :)

  3. Unfortunately, we all experience those days every once in a while. Occasionally, I can laugh at the situation if I am in a good mood, but sometimes screaming at the top of your lungs is the best medicine. I’ve tossed things on the floor before out of frustration and then realized I had to pick it up. Doesn’t help when things are going south.

    I’m glad you’re having a better day.

  4. Now’s your chance to rebuild the coffee table so it’s better, stronger, (not faster, it doesn’t go anywhere. Probably won’t cost $6 million, either) and unbreakable! I sense a Home Depot trip.

  5. The giant whisk had my howling… I mean, after I empathized for you and the crummy day. But the whisk? Yes, hilarious. Thanks for sharing with us even on the worst of days.

    Oh, and those prayers that end with “Really??” seem all too often. Here’s hoping it was one of your last.

  6. that milk glass cake stand is the silver lining, yes? intact and gorgeous. (i’ll be honest…i scrolled through your photos before reading and immediately noticed that cake stand amidst everything. honed in on it like a…like a…(insert witty simile here.)
    better day today, i’m hoping.

  7. hahahahhahahahahahahha! (not laughing AT you, am laughing WITH you, i swear *innocent face*) – i had to do a double take ’cause i swear to goodness, i just read an excerpt from my life! keep on keepin’ on girl – today IS a better day!

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