En Route to Seattle

Notes from the Road

Remember that time, earlier this year, when I drove my sister from Los Angeles to Seattle?

Remember… it was that time I ate my weight in Chex Mix and strawberry cheesecake.

Well!  I’m headed back up to Seattle this week!  There will be some serious sister time… and I’m dragging my Mom along too.  I think we’re going to laugh for three straight days… then be on each other’s nerves for a day and a half.  It happens that way sometimes.

Plans include:  introducing my mom and sister to The Bachelorette tonight, drinking more coffee than necessary at every possible moment, hugging my sister’s head, meeting her new kitty Charlesbear and…. I dunno… do you wanna hang out?  I’ll be at Top Pot… every Top Pot I can find.  I’ll be the girl with a giant doughnut in my face.  Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Notes from the Road

78 thoughts on “En Route to Seattle

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and felt compelled to reply many times but never had the courage until now. I love your sense of humor and think you are wicked cool. =) I’m sorry about your computer!

    Serious Pie is supposed to be quite good, although I’ve never been. Tango, near the Paramount Theater, has tapas and serves excellent drinks. Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle has a swanky bar called Boka and their cocktails are very good. Trophy Cupcakes is excellent. Molly Moon’s has some of the best ice cream around – salted caramel and honey lavender are two of their most popular flavors, but the line usually wraps around the block! It’s too bad you didn’t come to Seattle sooner because you just missed the Bite of Seattle! – several restaurants set up tents on the Seattle Center grounds to advertise their businesses while selling insane amounts of food. It’s a 3-day affair held each year on the 3rd weekend of July.

    Have fun visiting!

  2. A few places to check out when you’re in town:

    1) Skillet Streetfood – yum!
    2) Pesos on Queen Anne – it’s pretty close to Chopstix the dueling piano bar – really good $6 breakfast special m-f!!
    3) Toulousse – sister restaurant to Pesos (this one’s the newer place on the corner though) they have the same breakfast specials m-f for only $6!
    4) Vivace for espresso (try their Niko Niko)! There are two of them close to Cap Hill where it looks like you’re staying…one of them is ON Capitol Hill, the other is right across from the REI at Stuart Street (it’s west of REI)
    5) Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle – a little further to drive to TOTALLY worth the effort and extra few minutes! I don’t think there’s a Top Pot over there though :( You GOTTA go though!! :)

    Hope you have fun! If I can get away from work for a while I’ll scope out Top Pot nearest the Seattle Times bldg (which is where I work). Hope the weather is beautimous for you guys! :)


    1. Joy,
      If you truly love baked goods then you MUST MUST MUST go to Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle, save Top Pot for your next trip up here! I promise you will love their bakery!! Also, you should check out Macrina’s Bakery in Queen Anne… delicious! I hope you have a great time, I wish I could meet you!



  3. Are you stopping in Portland on your way? Because you should! A 10 minute side trip over to SE Hawthorne would yield waffles and stumptown coffee. Sustenance for the road warrior! Let us know if you do plan to stop. I could be a friendly face!

  4. longtime reader in Seattle! I have two wee kids though, so probably not the sort you want to hang out with! Enjoy our “summer”!

  5. When I go down to Seattle, I like to go to Chopstix… the dueling piano bar!

    AND if you like waffles (which i know you do!) there is a fabbity fab waffle place called Sweet Iron. Last time I was there I had a brilliant waffle topped with creme frache (whatever that is, it is delish), chives and prosciutto. Its down town. And awesome. :) And I had to restrain myself from eating my moms bacon & rhubarb waffle. HEAVEN!

    Also if you go to the Magnolia Pagliacci’s pizza… please let my bestie, lacy, know that she is loved. :)


    1. I also want to point out that breakfast and coffee for my mom, my sister and myself cost, maybe, $20 total. Yeah. Sweet deal.

  6. Seattle is a great place to visit! Make sure to go to Pike’s Place market! It’s supposed to be really cool. Have a good trip!

    mmmmmmmmm…doughnut and coffee! ;)

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