Beyond the Kitchen

En Route to Seattle

Notes from the Road

Remember that time, earlier this year, when I drove my sister from Los Angeles to Seattle?

Remember… it was that time I ate my weight in Chex Mix and strawberry cheesecake.

Well!  I’m headed back up to Seattle this week!  There will be some serious sister time… and I’m dragging my Mom along too.  I think we’re going to laugh for three straight days… then be on each other’s nerves for a day and a half.  It happens that way sometimes.

Plans include:  introducing my mom and sister to The Bachelorette tonight, drinking more coffee than necessary at every possible moment, hugging my sister’s head, meeting her new kitty Charlesbear and…. I dunno… do you wanna hang out?  I’ll be at Top Pot… every Top Pot I can find.  I’ll be the girl with a giant doughnut in my face.  Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Notes from the Road