Lavender Vanilla Sugar


I know what you’re thinking.

You:  Seriously, Joy!?  You expect me to come hear and read about how to make sugar!?

Me:  Um… yes?  But it’s not just sugar.  It’s sugar with fancy stuff in it.

You:  Skeptical.  This is still sounding lame.

Me:  But there’s a cute jar and fancy ribbon too!  Plus… bonus!  I busted out the good cutting board and the fancy doily for your viewing pleasure.

You:  Hm…. dazzle me.

Me.  I’m trying!  Geeeez.



I really love making flavored sugars.

They make me feel fancy.

They make the boring coffee I make for myself every morning feel like a special treat.


You can rub all kinds of citrus zest into sugar, creating a super fragrant lemon sugar or grapefruit sugar.

But my absolute favorite is sugar heavily scented with vanilla beans and lavender blossoms.

I mean.. just look at that!  Tiny vanilla bean specks and beautiful dried lavender blossoms!  It’s like your sugar went to the spa and got one of those fancy rubdowns.


Pretty jars and pretty bowls are pretty rad.

Now… obviously this sugar is a super great gift with, say… a half pound of coffee beans.  But… what would happen if you just kept it for yourself and treated yourself to a fancysugar cup of coffee every morning?  Magic.  That’s what would happen.

It’s the little things… with bows.


My friend Whitney gave me this jar last week.  Um… I know I was supposed to do something else with this jar, Whit.  But now it has sugar in it.  So… Yea…. I’m kinda busted.  You can totally have the jar back.  I hope you like Lavender Vanilla Sugar.  Oh!  Ps.  I’m taking half of this sugar out of the jar before I give it back… it’s really good and I’m shellfish.

Lavender Vanilla Sugar

Print this Recipe!

1 to 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar

1 teaspoon dried lavender blossoms

1 vanilla bean

small Ball jar

cute ribbon

Pour sugar into a medium size bowl.  Top with lavender blossoms.  Cut one small end of the vanilla bean off.  Split the vanilla bean down the center, revealing tiny, sticky vanilla bean specks.  Scrape vanilla beans out with a small knife and add to the sugar and lavender.  Cut the vanilla bean pod in half and reserve.

With the back of a spoon, work the lavender and vanilla bean into the sugar.  Be sure to press on the lavender blossoms to release their oils and to disperse any vanilla bean clumps that may try to form.  Add the reserved vanilla bean pod and continue to press the sugar and lavender and vanilla together.  It should smell amazing.  Pour into the jar.  Tie a pretty bow.  Maybe you want to make a cute hand written label.  How easy was that!?  Dang.

137 thoughts on “Lavender Vanilla Sugar

  1. I’m excited to make the sugar for the house (and my coffee – yum!) plus it’s such a thoughtful, creative gift. And, as it so happens, I have acquired not one but TWO jars recently. I’m ready to get started I guess.

  2. I’ve had eight of these little jars hanging out in my pantry for a few weeks while I wait for my homemade vanilla extract to finish getting happy (LOVE the recipe, btw – can’t wait to give the little jars of extract as gifts this year!). I might just have to abscond with one or two of those jars to take this sugar to work. It might make my coworkers jealous, but I’m willing to take that risk.

  3. That does indeed look incredibly cute and I’m thinking Xmas is round the corner and money is a bit short etc etc. Joy, I think you may just have saved Xmas!!

  4. Joy, I’m interested to hear the answer to Penelope’s question: Does the moisture affect the shelf life of the sugar? Also, you mentioned making citrus sugar – what ratios of zest to sugar do you use there? Does the fact that the zest comes from fresh fruit affect the shelf life of the sugar? I only ask because I think your idea of giving the flavored sugars and coffee as a gift is fantastic and I totally want to copy it and take all the credit for it. :)

    1. the moisture from the vanilla bean should not at all affect the shelf life of the sugar. the vanilla bean may harden a bit… but that’s just fine.

      for citrus sugars, i would say 2 teaspoons per 2 cups. just rub the zest in until it’s beautifully fragrant. the zest won’t make the sugar go bad… buuuut, you can sift the zest out with a mesh strainer if you’re worried.

      take all the credit.. totally. aaaallll yours!

  5. That is so funny because I just made my vanilla sugar myself a few hours ago! I don’t have any lavender though, but that sounds like a lovely addition! :)

  6. does the little bit of moisture in the vanilla bean / blossom oils affect the shelf life of the sugar at all? i’m guessing it’s not supposed to last long enough to find out. but i tend to save lots of nice ingredients til they go bad :(

    1. hey penelope! no, the moisture in the vanilla bean will not affect the shelf life of the sugar. if anything, the bean will start to dry out a little… which is totally fine.
      not to worry. you can try to save this stuff… but it’ll be gone in a jiff!

  7. I got a jar from someone last week and I’m kind of in love with it. Perhaps I’ll put some sugar in it and tie a bow around it.

    There’s something about taking photos with wooden/bamboo cutting boards. It instantly makes the photo beautiful. I love it.

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