Blue Print Cleanse Winner and Discount!

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Last week I told you all about my juicy juicy juice experience with Blue Print Cleanse, remember?

Last meals, juice, colonic, more juice, exercise… that whole no-food-thing.

I was amazed by your response.  You all might be into juice as much as you’re into Peanut Butter Banana Bread.

Let me tell you two important things:

Laura Dunlop!  You won one day of free juice, delivered right to your door!  Stellar.  Super awesome.  I hope you drink and drink and drink and forget about food for one whole day.

And!  Blue Print Cleanse was so thrilled with your response that they’d like to offer you all a 15% discount on juice!  Seriously.  Mega.

Discount applies to purchases made until 11:59 pm EST today March 4th.  Discount applies to the cost of the juice and will not affect shipping costs.  Not valid with any other discounts.  Not valid retroactively on BPC Bridal or gift certificates.  That’s the fine print.

Visit Blue Print Cleanse.  The case sensitive 15% discount code is: JOYTHEBAKER  (that’s me… I have a discount code named after me… I’m kind of a big deal)  ((I’m totally kidding))

If you were interested in trying Blue Print Cleanse I hope this is just the nudge you need.  Happy Friday!

48 thoughts on “Blue Print Cleanse Winner and Discount!

  1. Joy- I ordered the 3 day Renovation clense and did it last Fri- Sun. Totally awesome!! Was not hard at all and I actually did lose a few pounds-bonus! Love how I feel- Thanks for the push I needed to do it~

  2. Thank you for the code! Its my birthday today so I treated myself to a 2-day cleanse. : ) Im excited to try BP for the first time!!!

  3. I ordered this after your post and had every intention of doing it, until my doctor demanded that I gain weight. So, I figured I’ll gain weight the unhealthy way (by living off of desserts for 2 weeks) then cleanse away the leftover crud. Can’t wait!

  4. I have totally wanted to try this cleanse ever since you wrote about it last week. When I saw this post and the discount, I went for it and just ordered the 3 day cleanse! I have 2 weeks to prep myself for it (mentally and physically). Wish me luck! (I’m definitely going to skip the colonic, though. I’ll never be that prepared.)

    1. I was wondering about that too. I love Green Machine!!! I have my order ready on Blue Print Juice, but it’s so expensive to ship all the way to my little town in VA. Timely post though as I plan to do my first juice cleanse this weekend. My pickin’s at the store were slim here, so I ended up with 48 hr diet, but my friend says it is very similar to some of the juice cleanses in the cleanse section ( at Vitamin Shoppe; she worked there for a long time).

      Should I take the plunge before my honeymoon, which is in 12 days???

      1. Hey Seanna and Channon, rep from BluePrintCleanse here. Naked and Odwalla are pasteurized – which means that the vitamins and live enzymes have been cooked right out of the juices. Our juices are fresh pressed with a 3 day shelf life (which is why we deliver overnight) and you will see and taste the difference. If it’s a cost issue, I suggest you buy the book and make your own juices at home! Good luck!

  5. I checked out the book from the library and am drinking my first green juice as I was reading your post!!!! I’m so excited. I read everything about BPC I could over the weekend and almost ordered, but I couldn’t justify the cost. I am totally going to order today. Oh!!! Thank you so much. I love your blog.

  6. Ok not going to lie a little worried to try in favor of a baked ziti but I think I must!! Thanks so much for the discount! That’s awesome!!!!!

  7. I just finished the juice cleanse from Pressed juicery in brentwood, ca and it is 1/2 the price if you pick it up and they have options b/w two set of juices so you can pick the ones you like best. I prefer it to blueprint.

  8. I am still cracking up about your story you told last week…….I had to send it to my friends and sister….I think you got a few new followers……..thanks again for the good laugh and your awesome giveaways…..I know I will win someday! :)

  9. I ordered the book after I saw your previous post and just made my first juice this morning… Delicious! Even my husband loved it. I have done the lemonade cleanse before but this seems way better! Thanks for introducing me to BP!

  10. I actually ordered the One Day Cleanse after your original post….I’m going to give it a try tomorrow – we’ll see. TOTALLY out of the ordinary for me – I hope I make it! (I know it’s just one day, but I am not known for my willpower and this girl loves to eat!!!)
    Thanks for letting us know about BPC.

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