Why Use Parchment Paper?



There’s always a certain amount of chaos in my kitchen.

The oven is screamin’ hot.  There are egg yolks in the egg whites.  Flour : Everywhere.  I have an 8-inch round pan, a 9×13-inch pan, a burnt saute pan from Ikea, and a wooden spoon….and now I need a special spring-form pan just for a cheesecake!?  Yea…

Also… there’s flour everywhere.  A cat, too.  The cat, however, is medium normal.

There is something that can ease my chaos.  Ok… there are a lot of things that can ease the chaos:  a dishwasher and a kitchen assistant, for starters.  But I’m thinking of something that costs far far less… parchment paper!


Let me tell you… a roll of parchment paper is a lifesaver in the kitchen!

It’s worthy of roasting garlic.  It’s everything when it comes to baking cookies and roasting vegetables. It’s a nonstick wonder, and makes clean-up a breeze.  Parchment paper is also, often, reusable.  If I make cookies, I simply remove the cooled parchment, fold it up, and save it for the next round of baking.

Other incredible parchment paper uses:  for sifting flour onto, for gift wrapping, and food styling.

Parchment paper isn’t just for Martha Stewart-like home bakers, or pastry professionals.  Parchment paper was designed for people like us… people who don’t want to dirty a spatula just to get fresh cookies off a baking pan.

A warning:  parchment paper does not belong anywhere near a broiler.  That’s how one sets their house ablaze.

Please consider this a useful tip, a high-five, and a loving shove into the kitchen… get cooking!

xo joy

111 thoughts on “Why Use Parchment Paper?

  1. I used to think parchment paper was only for fancy-schmancy bakers – until I started using it. And, Oh Lordy. It’s awesome – and a huge clean-up saver. I use it, probably, for way too many things – like french fries and chicken nuggets too. . . . High five right back atcha. I totally agree!

  2. Just a heads up–we use parchment paper a lot on sheet pans at cooking school but chef believes you can’t roast veggies to perfection with parchement paper. Carmalization is more difficult with parchment paper (more likely to steam) although it does make clean up a breeze. I like buying mine in sheets rather than rolls–so much easier!

  3. SO true! Parchment paper is much more for us messy bakers than the tidy, organized Martha types! (though oh how I wish I could be tidy too)
    It’s a life saver, a time saver and also a washing up saver – I use it when measuring stuff out on my scales so I don’t have to wash the bowl between weighing butter and flour.

  4. I agree with the re-usability of parchment paper… While baking a cake, if it starts browning too fast, cover the cake loosely with parchment paper; it prevents over-browning and ensures even baking… Totally worth having in the kitchen!

  5. I am a pastry professional. Today I showed up at work to find out we out of parchment paper. I was dumbfounded. I looked at my manager with a “you expect me to do my job with out it” face. Hardest day of work ever (and I didn’t even have to scrub my own pans)

    But at home I live by parchment paper. After I bake on it. I often us it as a plate.

    My favorite use you didn’t mention, funnel. Works like a charm.

  6. Think of the environment! Be nice to it by reusing as much as you can and doing the occasional low-impact dishwasher cycle! Kudos for reusing for cookies, Joy!

  7. My favorite parchment paper is “If You Care” brand. It is unbleached and compostable! It’s made from silicon, which is non toxic and renewable. So I don’t feel guilty throwing it away, even though I use it about 25 times before I do get rid of it. I love it for roasting sweet potatoes and squash – if they ooze out onto the pan it is a huge mess to scrub off, but you can reuse the parchment paper too! It is very sturdy, and even the cardboard box is recycled materials and biodegradable. Win!

  8. Every roll of parchment paper I ever buy is dedicated to brownies. While I bake other things that could easily necessitate parchment, for some reason I use it solely for brownies…that tells you how much I care about brownies compared to other baked goods. Have never used it to roast vegetables – this is brilliant as my roasted veggies always leave charred remnants stuck to my dishes. Will do this from now on ;)

  9. Parchment paper’s close cousin, tin foil is my bff. I don’t think I’ve used a naked pan in five years. Tin foil is also awesome for crumpling up and throwing at obnoxious siblings who demand use of the stove for ramen noodles when you’re trying to cook an elaborate feast for dinner to impress your sweetie.

  10. I’ve been wondering about all the parchment paper I’ve been seeing around the blogosphere! I actually have some in my cupboard but haven’t even used it. After reading your post, I’ll definitely be pulling it out for the oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies I have planned for tomorrow. Thanks!

    1. I think she meant sift flour ONTO parchment paper. Makes it easier than sifting into a bowl and also much easier to transport. :-)

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