Breakfast Nachos



Just let this happen.

We really just need to… we really need to just let this happen.

Put an egg on absolutely anything and call it breakfast.  That means that putting an egg on top of this melty mixture of warm corn chips, cheese, black beans, fresh corn and salsa is totally a legit breakfast.

It’s like a breakfast burrito, but more crunchy.  It’s like breakfast tacos, but more crunchy.  It’s like eggs over easy, on top of a crazy amount of crunchy chips.  I promise that this breakfast will inspire at least 14 minutes of absolute breakfast table silence… aside from the crunching (you totally knew I was going to say that).


You don’t need me to tell you how to make nachos.  You know that you pretty much have this one covered.

I used chips (naturally), drained black beans, shredded cheese, some leftover shredded beef, and an ear of corn.

Slice the corn from the cob (getting it all over your kitchen counter… it’s just the way things go).  Grab the salsa… let’s do this!


Pile everything delicious onto the chips.  It’s art.

I cook the eggs separately, and save the fresh avocado and salsa for topping.

What’s that?  You want sour cream?  Well, why not!  Go for it!


Fried eggs, cooked up in a skillet, top these fresh-from-the-oven nachos.  Throw on the salsa, avocado, and anything else that makes you happy.  You might consider hot sauce, green onions, or pickled jalapeno.  Don’t let em get cold.  Get on in there.

Breakfast Nachos

Print this Recipe!

If feels silly to write a recipe for nachos.  It’s more about how hungry you are, and how much you feel like sharing.  Here are the essentials:

Corn tortilla chips

Sharp cheddar cheese and/or jack cheese, shredded

One can drained black or pinto beans

Shredded chicken or beef

Fresh corn sliced from the cob


Sliced ripe avocado

Eggs over easy.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper for easy clean-up.  Layer corn chips across the pan.  Sprinkle over cheese, beans, meat, and fresh corn.  Place in the oven and heat through until everything is warm and cheese is melted, about 7 minutes.  While nachos are in the oven, cook eggs, over easy, in a nonstick pan.  When nachos are melted and still warm, slide eggs onto nachos.  Top with salsa and avocado.  Serve immediately.  

150 thoughts on “Breakfast Nachos

  1. These look fabulous! Your dish reminds me of an Austin favorite: Tex-Mex Migas. A breakfast food that never fails to fill me up and make me feel better (especially after those nights of too many *cough* sangrias *cough cough*).

    Delightful dish, as always! :)

  2. great one!!!
    ps. since introducing my mum to your strawberry upside-down cake last year it has became one of her favourite summer cakes recipes.

  3. The only silly part about this is how silly I feel for not thinking of this sooner. Sounds so good!!! My little brother would be all over these.

  4. This is fantastic! My husband’s away for the next few days so I’ll be going egg silly – I do believe this will be one of the things I make. Thank you for sharing such a simple but brilliant idea :D

  5. Not silly at all. This is the tastiest and easiest thing to toss together. Crack a few eggs on top? Well, why the heck not? Great to put it down and share.

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