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Carrot Orange Ginger Bourbon Cocktail


Let’s have a Happy Hour cocktail and then walk down the street for hot dogs.  I mean it… let’s get outta here.


Before we hit the streets in search of a hot dog dinner adventure, let’s talk about a home Happy Hour situation.

This bright orange cocktail is electric!  There are two stars of this Home Happy Hour Show:  fresh carrot juice and tasty tasty bourbon.

I know.  You might think that carrot juice has no place in a cocktail.  But!  We’re making this at home, and we can turn our trendy juice cleanse into a re-tox cocktail if we wanna (and we definitely wanna).  Duh.


Carrot juice has a wonderful sweetness that actually blends very well with tangy fresh orange juice and bubbly ginger-ale.  Bourbon is always and forever the way to go, though vodka or champagne would also be quite nice in this cocktail.

I understand that you might be suspicious about the carrot juice.  Maybe you’re like me and your dad made you drink carrot juice every day for months, until the doctor told him to chill on the carrot juice because he was turning his daughter orange… literally… true story.  I was suspicious too, but this neon orange cocktail is sweet and totally gulp-able (such good word).

I get a bit claustrophobic after a day of working at the computer and in front of the sink washing dishes.  Happy Hour, hot dogs, and french fries out on the town heal like you wouldn’t believe.  One of my favorite Los Angeles treats (that I can totally walk to after home Happy Hour) is Wurstkuche.









cocktails and hot dogs

I’ve been taking my Canon EOS Rebel T5i with me everywhere.  I’m trying to push myself to see what I can see outside of my kitchen.   Of course my eye always looks for food, but I also love strangers on dates, pretty lights, and just all the little details of what it’s like living in the world together.



Don’t forget your pre-hot dog cocktail!  This orange gemstone is still staring you in the face!  I love that this cocktail is sweet, bubbly, unexpected, and bourbon-filled.  It’s all the way in and all the way out of my comfort zone.  Weird an cool and worth a shot, for sure.

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 11.29.25 AM



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Carrot Orange Ginger Bourbon Cocktail

makes 2 cocktails

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2 to 4 ounces bourbon (depending how strong you want your drink)

1/2 cup fresh carrot juice

1 cup fresh orange juice

1 can cold ginger-ale

a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime

Fill two tall glasses with ice cubes.  Add bourbon.  Divide carrot juice between the two glasses.  Divide orange juice between the two glasses.  Top with ginger-ale and a squeeze of lemon or lime.  Serve immediately.