Beyond the Kitchen

Happy New Year!

2014 datebook la mer watch jtb cranberry cake
2014 datebook mr & mrs glasses tiger sweater

Happy New Year, my friends! It’s 2014.  Time keeps tickin’ and we’re still kickin’.

Are you starting any cool projects this year?  A photo a day?  A blog post a day?  A gratitude journal?  It’s fun to think of how to document a year from the start.  My friend Tracy documents her year week by week with her My Everyday Life.

I like to start the new year fresh.  With fresh intentions, a clear calendar, a clean kitchen, a glassful of juice, and… a new pair of kicks doesn’t hurt either.

One of the most satisfying things about January is a new 2014 Datebook   ••  It feels so good to fill the blank pages with lists.  It feels like success!

My phone is for taking pictures, not telling me the time.  Duh.  I like a new watch the mark the new year.  This  La Mer Watch   ••  is part watch and part bangle.

Let’s juice it up with a BluePrintCleanse  ••  I like to spend a few days juicing at the start of the year.  After the holidays, after writing the dessert book, after a week in New Orleans… juice please juice!  BluePrintCleanse is kind enough to offer us a discount on their juices!  20% off between January 1st and January 4th using code: JOYLOVE.  Good for deliveries between now and January 31st.  Get on it!

Fresh start with Pretty Pink Lipstick  ••  It’s almost weird how easily lipstick can change my mood.

Stomp into the new year with some classy sneaks.  I like Red Converse Shoes  ••  I mean business when I wear my red shoes.

Yea I’m wearing a Tiger Sweater •• so what!?

black tote cat dish towel drip mugs

I’ve got my heart set on this Toasted Pecan and Blueberry Couscous Salad  ••  It’s part healthy and part comforting.  Perfect for the new year.

I just got Megan Gordon’s new whole grain breakfast book!  So excited to dive into Whole Grain Mornings  ••

Creamy Zucchini and Tarragon Soup  ••  Things are probably going to get pretty soupy this January.  I feel a soup kick coming on. Prepare yourself.

Happy New Year to you.  I hope you’re resting well today and gearing up for a beautiful new year.  I promise to help you make it tasty.  xo!