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Spring Things!

Spring Essentials

 I feel like I’m grasping tight to the things around me these days.  I’m probably the first to shrug off the change of season, the change of moving cities, and the change of traveling a ton as no big deal…. but it all adds up to matter and I have to admit I feel a little crazy in the brain.

This season I’ve started a new workout routine.  Since I’ve moved away from my beloved SoulCycle in California, I’ve started practicing Bikram Yoga in New Orleans.  I’m terrible.  Who knew bending could be so dang challenging?

I’ve also taken out my Tender cookbook (a Spring go-to) and am daydreaming my way through Donald Link’s Down South cookbook in an effort to acclimate myself to my new city and surroundings.

Here are a few more Spring flings I’m into these days.  Though the list says these things are ‘essentials’, clearly this is just a list of sparkly indulgences. I’ll take the life changes, new growth, and sparkling trinkets all in kind.

1•• I am very pale.  That’s just the color of my skin.  I’m totally into it… until I want to wear shorts.  Faux Mineral Fake Tan, I thank you.  My legs thank you.  The public at large thanks you.  

2••  I absolutely LOVE this Ellovi Body Butter.  It feels super nourishing and it’s only six ingredients!  Macadamia Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, and Hemp Oil are the main ingredients.  Smells good.  Feels good!

3•• I’m thinking of sporting short fingernails with Blue Orchid Nail Polish as the weather gets warmer.  

4•• Pale nude lipstick like this Pearl Lipstick blends with any outfit and is less noticeable when I forget I have lipstick on and smear the whole deal all over my face.  You know?

5•• When I was a teenager my mom told me that I had a ‘hat face’.  I don’t think that’s a real term, but she meant that I look good in hats.  I ran with it and have been wearing Blossom hats ever since.  In other news, this Straw Bucket Hat helps update the Blossom days and also helps steer clear of sunburnt scalps.  

6•• Pale Pink Ankle Strap Flats  for just kicking’ around in the sun.

7•• A little pastel sparkle in these Periwinkle Dangle Earrings.  Let’s be honest… I wear a lot of jeans and white tshirts.  I always need a little sparkle. 

8•• Two Tone Sunnies.  It’s face fashion that I totally love.

9•• I always have a notebook in my bag where I can scratch down frenzied notes.  In my dreams I’m the girl that lingers with coffee in City Park and paints a little mossy tree scene.  First I’ll need to ditch the frenzy and add a Watercolor Moleskin Notebook.

10•• For my watercolor endeavors I’ll also need this little Traveling Watercolor Set.  I think this set would also make a great gift… just saying’.

11•• Everything everything in the Grey Canvas Backpack and it’s go-time!

12•• Jus By Julie is here to help us bring a bit of Spring cleaning to our insides.  I did their three-day juice cleanse and it was different from any other juice cleanse I’ve ever done.  Jus By Julie is more smoothie than juice.  All the fiber is still in the juice so the juices actually keep you full.  It’s a revelation.

Because they’re rad, Jus By Julie is offering you 20% off your order with code: JOY20JUS

13•• We can talk about juice and we can talk about booze.  It’s all about balance.  Prairie Vodka graces my little bar cart these day.  I’m a fan.

14•• Julep Cups are going to be essential for the upcoming Derby Party!  There will be bourbon and Chocolate Pecan Pie present.  I’m hat shopping now.  Get on the bandwagon!

I love you!  Have a wonderful weekend!