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Let It Be Sunday

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Happy Sunday, my friends!

I’m glad you’re here with your whole Sunday self.  This Sunday list has become my favorite post to write each week.  I treasure this time we have together to talk about world news, Uber, our personal finances and… Tinder.  Always with the Tinder these days.

I hope you’re happy and caffeinated, or at least well on your way to both.  I think you are tremendous and I’m glad we’re friends.

The Internet, smaller:

•  Tell me all of your passwords.  Do they include your cat’s name, the name of your imaginary unicorn, your first apartment number, plus an exclamation point?  Me too. From the NYTimes, The Secret Life of Passwords.  Memories, meaning, cat names, and all-the-way-on-the-inside jokes.

•  Important update regarding our morning beverage: Bone Broth is the new cup of coffee.  I’ve experimented with broths before.  I tried this Miracle Mineral Broth.  Turns out, less is more.  Turns out, more is ouch… aka the worst tummy ache on the planet.

•  Like it, or not.  The best argument for, and against Obama’s executive action on immigration.

•  There has been a lot of hubbub this week about Uber’s ability to track their riders.  It’s not right, but I’m confident in the fact that I’m entirely uninteresting to track.  BUT  would you believe that FitBit information is about to be used in a court of law?  That’s freaky.

•  What life in space is really like.  I’ve seen the movie Gravity… so it’s exactly like that, right!?

•  I’ve gotten really good at talking to strangers in airports.  Mostly strangers don’t want to be talked to in airports but when you find the few that do, good things tend to happen.  I met a man, he lives somewhere in Seattle, he travels to Peru often, he was sure to tell me he was happily married, I was sure to high-five him on his happy marriage.  He ate quesadillas and recommended this book to me:  Pie School by Kate Lebo.  Good call, stranger!  Thank you!

•  What Texting Does To The Spine.  Spoiler alert:  it’s not good.

•  On keeping our dollars right and tight: Meet Mr. Money Mustache, the man who wants you to spend money like you’re poor.

•  The Serial Podcast.  You’re obsessed.  I’m obsessed.  Here are Charts For People Obsessed With Serial.

•  Tinder seems to be an infinite source for sex, dating, and social commentary.  Tinder might be the new Twitter.  I’m scared.  Tinder Guys Unknowingly Answer Carrie’s Questions from “Sex and The City”.  

•  Nashville!  Oooh HEY!  I’m signing books and telling awkward stories at Parnassus Books on December 13th at 2pm.  Then I’m going to eat and drink all the things.  See you!

pictured above is wine times at Keife & Co.