Beyond the Kitchen

The Best of Intentions for 2015

New Year

Can I tell you one of my personal truths?  The new year… the box marked January 1st on my calendar, makes me all sorts of nervous.  

The Internet would have you believe that everyone is full of glee, rainbows, hope, excitement, possibility and plans.  It’s fantastic, right?  Unless you don’t exactly feel that way… unless you’re a little nervous like me.  Now, it’s not that I’m not tremendously hopeful and excited, but the vastness (glory be!) of the 364 days ahead sometimes feels paralyzing with possibility.  

Do I sound like I’m complaining?  I’m not.  Do I sound like I might have a scatterbrain?  I do.  Do I sound like I don’t know where to place my feet as I step into this year?  Pretty true.  So far I’m thinking one foot in front of the other is the best (and only) way to go.    

What are your resolute intentions for the new year?  Do you have a few?  Have you written them down on your bathroom mirror in lipstick?  Tell me how you’re working this new year!  

Here are some things, large and small, I’m thinking about for 2015:  

•  Dear Joy,  turn off your cell phone.  Seriously, what would happen if didn’t check your phone when your dinner companion gets up to use the restroom?  The world would end, right?  Well… let’s try anyway.

•  Social media anxiety is sooo 2013.  Whether it’s a fear of missing out or a fear of participating… none of it is actually real, so just calm down and maybe try turning off your phone.  

•  There’s always room to make your kitchen life better.  And I think it’s time for a new kitchen skill.  I’m thinking I’d like to be a chocolate master.  Is that a thing?  It’s about to be. 

•  I speak Spanish and Italian.  The only problem is that I speak both at the same time in the same sentence.  Helpful to no one, ever.  This year maybe I brush up on my Spanish and kick the random Italian out of my Spanish sentences.  

•  New rule:  Two drink max then walk your butt home and turn off your phone.

 •  Charitable resolutions like Be The Match or Compassion International are always in my year.  

•  There are all sorts of year-long projects to get involved in at the start of the year.  My favorites are:  Journal52 (prompts for the 52 weeks of the year… like brain food!).  A self-portrait a day with The Everyday App. And journaling with technology using DayOne App

•  When in doubt, when excited, when curious, when hungry for all the things:  GUT CHECK.  Our guts know. 

•  Have some fun.  Have some dang fun!  GEEZ.  

Happy New Year.  I love you.  

xo Joy