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Grub Street Diet

Joy the Baker Grub Street Diet

Of course I’m nosy!  Invite me over, please.  I’d like to look in your fridge. I’d like to know what you feed your cat.  I’d like to know how you take your coffee and what kind of cold cereal you have in your cupboard.  I won’t go snooping in your medicine cabinet, because that’s just rude, but I may take a peek inside your linen closet.  I’m sorry.  I’m curious about your thread count.  

One of my favorite ways to be nosy (without being such a creep) is with Grub Street Diet, NY Mag‘s weekly column about who is eating what.  Fred Armisen eats a lot of Grape Nuts.  Diablo Cody knows her way around a Taco Bell.  Molly Ringwald is a wine girl.  These are important things to know about strangers!  Important and totally useless and I’m absolutely positive I’ll bring them up in conversation and get strange looks in return.  

This week, well… I’m featured on Grub Street Diet.  If you have ever wondered what my diet looks like for five days (and wwwhhyyy on Earth would you wonder that?), all of your questions have been answered.  Spoiler alert:  I drink a lot of coffee, impulse buy Good & Plentys, and eat cake sitting on the floor.  It’s really glamorous, all of it.  

Joy the Baker:  Grub Street Diet 

Clockwise from left to right above:  

I ate all the grapefruits in Louisiana // Donuts from District // Ate this cheese plate as Jon made it // Jon also made cocktails (nailed it!) // I made waffles and burnt my hand // Bought all the Girl Scout Cookies 

Clockwise from left to right below: 

Grilled oysters at Cochon (reason enough to visit New Orleans)  //  Perfect daiquiri from Cane and Table  //  Coffee, cranberry water, vitamins, repeat  //  KING CAKE! // In n Out at Dockweiler Beach //  Making brunch with onions, eggs, and asparagus  


Happy Friday!  I love you, bye-bye!