Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 115!

Hello dear friends.  Happy Spring weekend! I hope your flower pots are blooming and your Easter eggs (if you’re into that sort of thing) are filled with jelly beans and very well hidden.  

I’m headed from New Orleans to New York this Easter Sunday with my mom.  We’re going to church service at St Patrick’s Cathedral (very serious) and rehearsing for my segment on the Today Show on Monday morning-  I’m talking about brunch of course… it’s all I talk about.  What now? / Who now? / Pinch me please.  

Here is some solid interneting for the week.  On the light side.  I don’t want to talk about bombs right now: 

•  Yea. This basically nails is:  Loving someone who is self-employed

•  Please stop trying to empower women with cutesy titles.  But also… it was women who came up with these cutesy titles so… let’s all just not do that. 

•  Just these poignant words from Patti Smith on how she copes with death

 This literally made me cock my head sideways and raise an eyebrow.  (Unrelated:  a lot of my friends are in a Botox phase, but good news… not me, I can still raise an eyebrow in deep concern / suspicion):  Why white people don’t use white emoji

•  How realistic are New York City apartments on TV shows?  Not very, to very not very.  Sex and the City also had this Los Angeles girl (me) thinking that every woman walked around NYC in heels and it was very (read: VARY) intimidating to me as a young woman, ok? 

 Ask Polly: Now That We’re In Our 30’s, My Friends are Abandoning Me.   Two things:  people are going to do exactly what they want to do… and really, very little more AND don’t whine, take up piano or painting or really anything else besides whining. 

•  Wear a helmet even if you think you look stupid. Your brains are precious brains and they should stay safely in your head where they belong.  That was my PSA for today. Ghost Bike Memorial, New Orleans

•  Very vintage Joy the Baker… the whole thing of it:  Chocolate Beet Cake

•  I’m pretty sure this book will turn my kitchen into a candy factory:  Candy is Magic.  

 Last weekend I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Harris, a legendary food historian, speak about her upcoming book.  I’ve pre-ordered it and can’t wait to eat it up:  My Soul Looks Back, a memoir by Jessica B Harris

•  Very beautiful things: Charlotte Smith Studio

•  Is the word ‘invisiblur’ going to solve our summer skin and makeup problems?  Maybe so: Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield.  

Happy weekend my friend! I hope it’s beautiful!

xo Joy