Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 116!

Hello Dearhearts, 

It’s crazy how quickly a Saturday can turn into a Sunday.  Fast enough to make your head spin so please excuse the tardiness of this post.  I figure we need some time to ease into this Monday, and these links might be just the right encouragement.  

I’ve spent the weekend with my maj Tracy in Nashville. She hustled across the country to join me for a worky work thing, and we ate loads of chicken, barely complained about all the rain, and made friends with strangers.  Tracy is my favorite person to meet strangers with.  She asks great questions and is easy to laugh.  

I hope this week is sweet and easy.  Here’s some reads to see you through the start: 

•  I’ve watched this TED Talk on creativity and success three times this week.  It’s a perspective change about creation and mastery over outcome. Take in these words: Embrace the near win

•  Stop handing the check to my husband, I can pay too.  I, too would ask that you just look at the credit card name that says Joy on it before handing the sign receipt to the man at the table. Can I at least get that much?  

•  Honestly one of the best meals I’ve had in New York City came from a halal food cart.  This is a beautiful true story about slicing, seasoning, routine, rules, and the aching backs that create one of New York’s street signatures:  A day in the life of a food vendor

•  This story has a beautiful beautiful way about it. Deaf and Blind.

•  Interesting interesting especially for a Monday:  The United States of Work.  

•  Feel how you feel how you feel how you feel:  The Case For Being Grumpy At Work

 Quick note:  I was on the Today Show last week and this is me and Matt Lauer whisking things. 

•  My friend Tsh Oxenreider spent a year traveling the world with her family and her book about it is here:  At Home In The World  

•  In which our lady bodies are again politicized just in their mere function: In jail, pads and tampons are bargaining chips

 Remember these Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowls? AND they sell cauliflower rice at Trader Joe’s so you don’t even have to deal with a food processor! 

  Very important dessert reminder:  Meyer Lemon Bar Brûlée.  

 I was just in Nashville for a few days and I don’t know much, but I do know to get the chicken at Josephine.  It’s good advice and I’d want you to know as well. 

Be well.  I think you’re wonderful.

xo Joy