Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 131!

Hello sweet friends,

How has this week been for you? I feel like I’m in observer mode these past two-handful of days, watching people sort of tumble around me with this and that.  I’m likely tumbling around too, but I feel like I need to take more in that I put out.  Also, it’s August and maybe I’m just lethargic. 

I’m looking forward to this Fall with 80% excitement and 20% dread.  Dread that I think was ingrained in me as a young youth going back to school every September.  Maybe I just need to buy a Hello Kitty pencil case and self-soothe.  I’m kidding, but maybe I’m not. 

Also, what’s up COLUMBUS, OHIO!  I’ll be signing books at The Book Loft on Monday August 7th and 7pm!  Come say hello, won’t you!? 

Here are some bits of reading.  Please take it easy and enjoy: 

 So what are you up today?  Obviously if you’re here, you’ve got a little bit of Maxine Waters in ya and for I’m proud of you:  Reclaiming My Time!  Sometimes you gotta let em KNOW. 

 Interesting that it’s the thoughts from the dying that help us with all this living.  Questions for me about dying.  I especially connected with Cory Taylor’s thoughts on regret.  She was right about it all, really. 

 From Toni Morrison:  The Work You Do, The Person You Are.

 Have smartphones destroyed a generation?  This is one of those questions where… if you have to ask, you already know the answer. 

 About the legend that was among us: The Side of Judith Jones You Didn’t See.

 This is IT:  Photographer and artist Cindy Sherman surprises up with a new art installation via Instagram.  See the work here: _cindysherman_  

•  My friend Ashley from Not Without Salt is opening a shop in Seattle!

 I love the idea of an Aperol Spritz to punctuate the time between work and dinner:  Five Cooking Habits Brought Back From Rome

 This is pretty incredible.  The moving of millions of bananas:  The Secret Life of the City Banana.

•  What kind of shopping-cart-returner are you? Be honest.  Why Don’t People Return Their Shopping Carts? 

 Heads up! A once in a lifetime solar eclipse passes us on August 21st!  Here’s an interactive map so you know what you’ll see and where you might see more: The Solar Eclipse

 Deb’s Salted Peanut Butter Cookies are among my very favorite.

 Way back when my first book came out I made these Coffee Bacon Sandwiches and I still maintain that it was a very good idea, that cookbook signings continue to be humbling thanks to you, and that you really should try putting coffee on your bacon sometime.  If not now, when?

•  Seems like now an app can give us a recipe for all the avocado toast and galaxy cakes we see on Instagram: Scientists are turning people’s food photos into recipes

 I like to pack this easy backpack in my luggage on trips. It’s always nice to have an simple, low-profile extra bag for day trips carrying around multiple cameras and chargers.  :) 

Big ups and high-fives to you today.

xo Joy