Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 133!

This new normal that we’re tasked with, where people use cars as weapons and our politics continue to deeply enrage some and barely elicits a shrug from others is perplexing at best.  It’s hard.  It’s hard or all of us, isn’t it?  Good grief.  These old wounds are so hard to heal.

I went to the beach. 

Here’s what we know.  We know that the sun will rise and the waves will crash and we’ll keep breathing until we don’t.  We also know that the moon will block the sun in a few days which is a rare and extreme reminder to most of us that we live in freaking SPACE.  And if you want… you can make eclipse water which is exactly like sun tea without the tea bags or the sun.

Or… we could eat an entire sheet cake though I wouldn’t recommend it. Seems like there are more forward moving things we could do with ourselves though a slice or two might be nice. 

The world is just the strangest place to be sometimes.  Here’s proof: 

 We’re an imperfect city in an divided nation but here are some words from a thoughtful American leader Why New Orleans took down four Confederate monuments

 When I feel overwhelmed, I find myself coming back to this old RadioLab episode about The Golden Record we sent into space and the hopeful specks of dust we are:  SPACE. And TODAY, August 20 1977 is the day the Voyager took off for deep space.  

 Why you absolutely can not stare at the sun without eclipse glasses.  Ok but question… can a girl get a peek if she’s wearing her sunglasses? I don’t need to stare at the dang thing forever. 

 Move your body, move your mind:  How exercise can help you learn a new language

 Honestly.  Inside Kim Jung Un’s Bloody Scramble to Kill Off His Family.  That much false power has got to be real messy to hold on to. Mercy. 

 I’ve found myself more than once thinking about Christmas this week.  I do not know what’s going on. Likely my brain is melting.  This year, if we’re talking about Christmas cookies (and we suddenly are)- I’m going to make classic pizzelle cookies using this pizzelle maker.

 Stay summer, stay sharp:  Summer Tomato Pie.  

  Consider breakfast:  Fluffy AF Cornbread Blueberry Waffles

 Things I made this week and ate before I photographed:  Homemade Thin Crust Pizza from The Kitchn and Quinoa Taco Meat from Minimalist Baker. 

 A few books about vegetables I’ve re-opened with love and intention:  Vegetables by Martha Stewart //  Salad for President by Julia Sherman // Six Seasons, a new way with vegetables by Joshua McFadden

 Here’s a really great thing to know:  Add a little bit of water to your whiskey.  Here’s a really great application for it-  Add a few drops of water to your whiskey and read this spot on opinion piece in the Sunday Review:  The Week When President Trump Resigned.

That’s all for today, ok? Happy Sunday!

xo Joy