Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 135!

We’ve got fires and floods and smokey skies and swampy days and we’re going to make it through all of them. 

I hope you are happy and safe this week.  Enjoy this long weekend, we deserve the rest before we push through this last part of the year.    

 I’ve seen this in New Orleans more than any other place I’ve lived  —  When it comes down to it, people don’t turn away from one another.  Why America Needs The Cajun Navy.  Also  —  A view inside the Houston homes hit by Hurricane Harvey.  There’s been lots of talk about the nature of the storm and the nature of how Houston was built.  We have problems to solve and people to get back on their feet. That’s what’s certain. 

 Is it possible that our problem is too much balance?  It’s the grit and stress we need sometimes. I mean… right? 

 How to get through a breakup without losing friends.  I’m going to write the follow-up piece entitled Burn It All Down, Having Fewer Friends Is Actually Great.  (Working title) 

 Getting ourselves organized (at least for breakfast) next week:  Future freezer smoothies.

 I’m cooking from this book this Fall:  Feed the Resistance.

 I’ve considered this perspective this week.  Give it a read and let me know what you think:  Melania Trump and the Chilling Artifice of  Fashion.

 This is interesting and this is among us:  The Rise of the Violent Left.

 I’ve really been enjoying this podcast: The New Washington.  The episode with Senator Jeff Flake is really interesting. 

  Tron saw me reading this article about cats falling from great heights and got nervous… then I told him he might want to go on a diet.  How can a cat survive a high rise fall?

 For as much time as I spend in hotel rooms… which isn’t a lot, but does feel like enough… I’m going to add worrying about this to my to-do list:  The Hotel Room Hacker

 A magazine revolution c/o Elaine Welteroth:  Teen Vogue’s Refashionista. Really great read!  Should we get a subscription for Teen Vogue now?  YES. 

 Ranking the zodiac signs by how likely they are to snap and kill you.  How weird is it that I’m proud to be #1.  Don’t come for me, k?

 If you’ll allow me to talk about earrings for a quick moment.  These giant brass hoops are very exciting to me. 

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, 

xo Joy