Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 136!

Hello sweet friends!  These days have been a doozy and I just want you to know- I appreciate that you take time to spend a few moments in this space.  I know I’ve said it before but I never take it for granted.  We have the great privilege of holding one another and we can not forget it.  

Here’s some weighty links from the week. Not all the weighty links because, just because.  Here’s what we’ve got, and at the end- soup: 

 Gosh the news is a stresser these days.  With that, we’re keeping our eyes on Hurrican Irma.  Gosh the anticipation is lengthy, isn’t it?   

•  What Does An Innocent Man Have To Do To Go Free?  Plead Guilty.  I’m also watching the Netflix show The Confession Tapes – INSANE.  My question is, why do detectives get to tell you lies in order to get a confession? That seems highly coercive and waaaay manipulative. 

 Think about this: there was a time when the rich said no to getting richer.  We’re talking about taxes for just a moment.  It’s interesting! 

 This is a really compelling look inside two high-level American industries and why wealth disparities among us are increasing.  Consider the Janitors At Two Top Companies; Then and Now

•  Let’s not buy disposable clothes

 I 100% feel this way about my social security number. How can it hold so much over and about us and be so vulnerable and accesible to ne’er-do-wells?  Your Social Security Number Now Looks Like a Time Bomb. Also, I’m just as surprised as you are that to word ne’er-do-wells appears in today’s post. Wait, one more thing.  If you were learning English as your second language, the word ‘ne’er-do-wells’ would really throw a wrench in things. 

 I took an unexpected trip down memory lane to my old Venice kitchen and my old bangs.   

 Really very casual:  At Home With George Clooney.

 Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like, even though its impossible, you want to try and be as amazing as writer Joan Didion?  Me too.  

 Hey PORTLAND, OREGON! I’m going to be signing copies of Over Easy at Powell’s this coming Saturday September 16th at 2pm!  I would love to see you! 

 Found six straggler carrots in my refrigerator and made a half batch of this Vegan Carrot Jalapeno Soup!  

•  I hopped on that Fall Comfort Food Bandwagon real quick: Gluten-Free Chicken and Dumplings.   

 Never fails.  I have champagne taste: see here.  

 Oh speaking of champagne and related things, I’m trying out this wine delivery program.  They send you four bottles with each order along with notes and recipe pairings and a guided tasting online. Really… it’s so much better than the impromptu label-based wine buying I do at the grocery store. Ya feel me? 

That’s all for today.  

Big love to you.

xo Joy