Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday ,144!

Hey it’s Sunday, let’s have some cake. 

Along with the extra hour that we get today as a bribe for having the deal with months of short days and Winter darkness… let’s just go ahead and eat cake too.  This Pear and Pecan Skillet Cake is a riff on the Fig and Almond Breakfast Cake I made a few years back.  Obviously what I’m trying to tell you is, pick a fruit and a nut and just go for it.  Cake is very approachable.

I’ve had a few restless nights this week.  It’s hard to tell if I’m just generally freaked out or if that afternoon cup of coffee no longer serves me. Likely a combination of both.  I need to check myself. 

Here are some of the articles that filled me up with all sorts of emotion and knowledge this week.  For your consideration: 

•  Sometimes it feels like really horrible and tragic things happen, we have a moment where we lose our breath, collectively… then we move on and carry on and buck up and keep going and it all happens all too quickly.  Events in New York this week have us facing that gasp yet again: Old friends from Argentina reunited in New York; five died in a terrorist attack

•  Well.  It comes down to believability.  Let’s hear from Anita Hill on Weinstein, Trump, and a watershed moment for sexual-harassment accusations.  I feel like we’re really fickle folks. 

•  Ok health care and gun control are a mess of a mess.  Let’s see what’s up with this tax reform.  The House Republican Tax Bill, explained

•  This is a really interesting conversation:  Why We Pretend To Know Things, explained by a cognitive scientist

•  You had me at ex-Real Housewives husband + Martha Stewart:  Notable New Yorkers Visit Their Old Apartments

•  On last week’s episode of The Splendid Table they explain how to make fancy, restaurant-style brussels sprouts at home… in like 15 minutes.  I tried it.  IT WORKS.  How to cook brussels sprouts.

•  How would you feel about a pie kinda crumble thing with vegetables?  Roasted Vegetable Winter Crumble 

•  This week I was on The Kitchn talking about My Healthy Morning Routine.  Also, I know my morning is pretty luxurious and that’s just where I’m at in my life right now. 

•  My friend Jessica gifted me The Great British Bake Off Cookbook and I’m already experimenting with a quick (“quick”) laminated yeasted dough. Tomorrow I’m going to bake one of these cream cheese coffee cakes with cherry jam.  It might be the best day of my life.  I’ll let you know. 

•  About a year ago I started investing my spare change with an app called Acorns and I told myself that I’d save it up for a yoga retreat.  Turns out, after a year of investing spare change… I’ve almost got my yoga retreat money!  Here’s a referral link to Acorns.  I think it’s pretty cool.    

•  The Fruit of Japanese Fairy Tales.  I LOVE persimmons but always end up taking them straight to the face. Oh, hold up… I made this Persimmon Prosciutto and Brie Grilled Cheese

•  I’m very excited for Friendsgiving this year!  Plans are already in the works… mostly for how we’re going to the racetrack in clever hats before our big meal.  The Kitchn has some tips for How to Plan Friendsgiving 10 Days Out.  

•  You bet your bottom dollar I’m making a version of this vegan Giant Peanut Butter Cup for the blog soon.  

•  Have these / Like them very much. 

•  In Bakehouse News:  this Thursday November 9th I’m hosting a PIE and TODDY Happy Hour!  And just before Thanksgiving we’re having a PIE PREP Workshop where everyone will leave with the makings of a Sweet Potato Pie!  Classes are being set up for December too with lots more to come! 

Enjoy this day!  More soon.  Like soup and pies and other good things.   

xo Joy