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Sweet and Salty Yogurt Snack

Everyday is a series of events that I talk myself into, shadowed by a series of events that I have talked myself out of.  Checks and balances, every day. 

Talking myself into an early morning walk before coffee.  Talking myself out of having tortilla chips for every meal.  You understand, right? It’s all dang day.  There’s a lot of chatter.  

From that chatter was born this snack-attack recipe:  something sweet, something salty, something rich and creamy, something chocolate.  It’s all of my late night hopes layered into small glass and enjoyed without too much of the chatter – this feels like the right balance of health and indulgence. Let’s do it!

This snack-attack is inspired by Noosa Yoghurt’s snack packs.  I made my own at home because I’m crafty and I want to be in control of how many pretzels and peanuts I pack into this yogurt treat.  A lot, I wan’t a lot.  

Here’s what we’ll need for this guilt-easing yogurt treat:  

•  plain or honey-sweetened yogurt.  I really like this White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt from Austin Texas.  I love a full fat yogurt. It’s richer, creamier, and if I’m feeling any guilt pangs about the fat content I just eat less – and really, it’s rich so you naturally want less.  

•  salty pretzels, lightly crushed – our salty element

•  honey roasted peanuts, lightly chopped  – our crunchy sweet element

•  finely chopped chocolate  – because CHOCOLATE

This snack is simply about building sweet, salty, creamy layers – starting with yogurt.  

Top with a generous amount of crumbled pretzels, chopped nuts, and chocolate.  

Add more yogurt and more crunchies until you reach the top of the glass… and then add a few more crunch bites. 

Enjoy immediately because life is short, and this snack is wonderful.  Also, the pretzels will start to get soft which is surprisingly welcome. 

This is more of a crumbling, chopping, and layer effort – less a recipe.  Feel welcome to add any combination of salty and sweet you like or have on hand.  Butter crackers, corn cereal, granola.  I bet there are all sorts of things you could layer into this lightly decadent late-night treat. Check the pantry. Open your mind and your glass to the possibilities .  

Sweet and Salty Yogurt Snack
Serves 1
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. 1/2 cup plain or honey whole milk yogurt
  2. 3 tablespoons crumbled salted pretzels
  3. 3 tablespoons chopped honey roasted peanuts
  4. 2 tablespoons finely chopped chocolate
  1. Place a few tablespoons of yogurt in the bottom of a slim glass. Add a good sprinkling of pretzels, honey, and chocolate.
  2. Top with a few more tablespoons of yogurt, and more toppings.
  3. Finish off with the rest of the yogurt and toppings and enjoy immediately.
Joy the Baker