Let It Be Sunday, 165!


I’ll tell you now that there is no April Fools Day moment in this post.  I don’t fancy myself much of a trickster save for the one time I put vaseline all over the toilet seat one April Fools Day when I was little.  The slippery seat was met with less than enthusiastic reviews from my family. That joke didn’t go over well and I mostly stopped with the pranks right there.  I burned bright and fizzled fast.

It’s also Easter and if you’re celebrating, I hope this finds you enjoying a sunny holiday with your family and I hope you find the plastic Easter egg with cash inside.  One Easter egg should always have cash, tell whomever stuffs the eggs, k? 

Here is my offering this week. It’s on the lighter side because that’s how my reading skewed this week:  

 It’s important to remember this wasn’t all that long ago.  Martin Luther King Jr Changed a Nation In Only 13 Years. (The Atlantic) 

 Here’s what we should watch:  The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. (HBO)

•  Here’s what we’re listening to:  The Weeknd’s new mixtape, My Dear Melancholy (Spotify).  There are some definite Drake ‘Take Care’ vibes in there and, YES THANK YOU. See also: The Weeknd’s ‘Wasted Times’ Does Drake Better Than Drake. (Vulture)

 This list feels incredibly romantic. 22 Ambassadors Recommend the One Book to Read Before Visiting Their Country

 40 comedies over the last 40 years that have changed the way we talk.  I’m also here to admit I’ve seen Wayne’s World over 100 times. Schwing.

 The Great Sadness of Benaf Fleck.  The back tattoo that we can’t unseen. (The New Yorker)

 I love baseball season.  What a welcome back. (Digg)

 Perhaps on the menu this week:  Baked Lemon Spinach Risotto. (Joy the Baker)

•  Liquid gold:  The Importance of Pasta Water. (Huff Post)

 You probably have no idea how much I love to latch hook and this craft is right up my alley:  DIY Latch Hook Wall Hanging.  (Honestly WTF) 

 Y’all, it’s about time to prune our azalea bushes.  That’s not a euphemism and this is not a drill. (Southern Living)

 I’m very excited for Brittany Jepsen’s new craft book:  Craft The Rainbow. You might know her as the genius mind behind The House That Lars Built so this book is sure to be great! 

•  On my friend-dinner menu this week:  Tuscan-Style Beans and Greens.   

Take good care.  Much more soon,

xo Joy