Let It Be Sunday, 166!

Hello friends! 

I want to come here and lament about how last week was a doozy… but I think I offered the same sentiment last Sunday.  This feels like it goes beyond a Mercury Retrograde situation and into the real of daaaang we’re just working hard, aren’t we?  The good news is that in the past few weeks I’ve had a sweet visit from my Mama and some quality paper flowering making times with new friends. Balance! 

I hope you take some time to rest and restore today. I will. No question.  

This week on the blog we have a major giveaway (keep an eye out!) and I’m working on more playlists to groove to in the kitchen.  Until this, here’s my offering of links for reading. 

•  Martin Luther King’s Last 31 Hours: the story of his final prophetic speech.  Indeed he was a drum major for justice. (The Guardian)

•  Where The Streets Have MLK’s Name.  Let this surprise you. (National Geographic)

•  Please take twenty minutes to listen to this episode of The Daily Podcast about Linda Brown and Brown v. Board and desegregations in schools in the southern states and up north.  It takes about some really tough continued realities and it feels really important that we all understand this. (NYT)

•  I remember reading this article about Bryan Stevenson’s work towards The Memorial to Peace and Justice in Montgomery Alabama.  It’s here and very important.  See Oprah and Bryan Stevenson tour the memorial here.   (The Atlantic and Youtube)

—-> We’re taking a hard right turn here.  

•  How much do you know about Busy Phillips? It’s sort of an all or nothing situation.  (The Cut) 

•  There’s an incredible episode of Bitch Sesh (the real housewives breakdown podcast, YES!) that features Roxanne Gay (Difficult Women) and I just really feel like it validates all of our questionable reality television choices:  Dames, Dogs, and Danke. (Ear Wolf)

•  This week I wrote about some of my Spring Cleaning habits, just a few things to jumpstart a clear mind and fresh start.  With that in mind, this article from Apartment Therapy feels like a sweet extra step:  How To Infuse Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui.  There are sage and crystals involved… I’m all about it.

•  If you’ve got no plans this morning, maybe you should make two doughnuts.   (Joy the Baker)

•  My favorite face and everywhere sunscreen: Elta MD.  This is not a drill, skincare starts here. Very serious. (Amazon)

•  Welp… you can glitter everything now. There goes the neighborhood:  Edible Glitter. (Washington Post)

•  Very into the idea of Spanakopita Scones!  Thank you Food52!

•  Will you come eat Crawfish Beignets with us this May? 

That’s all for now!  Have such a lovely day!

xo Joy