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I’m Joy. I’m a self-taught baker, turned professional baker, turned food photographer and cookbook author.

I grew up in the kitchen in between my father, who makes a mean Sweet Potato Pie, and my mother, who makes a really weird purple hot dog casserole… don’t ask. Between my kitchen loving-parents, the clinking cake pans, and the flying flour, it became clear that baking is in my blood.

I moved from California to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2014… deep in the French Quarter, inspired by the people, the culture, and the beignets. That’s where I do a majority of my living, working, eating, cocktailing and related horsing around.

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Contact me at: I try very hard to respond to each email I receive. Please forgive me if, for some reason, I am unable to get back to you. I like you… I just need more hours in the day.

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Joy the Baker Blog

Joy the Baker was created in January 2008 out of my downright obsession with brownies and cake. On Joy the Baker you’ll find sweet and savory seasonal recipes, a few cocktail recipes, and a sprinkling of the books I read, and the lipstick that I happen to be into.

Food and life… and more food.