Over Easy


The only time when ‘sweet and savory’ isn’t a choice, but a right- when eggs, cocktails, burgers, salads, and cake are simultaneously fair game- is at one decadent meal:  BRUNCH!  

Friends, neighbors, peers, colleagues, lovers, associates, pals… it’s time it’s time it’s time to celebrate long meals and leisurely days with all sorts of egg plates, sweet treats, and fruity cocktails.  

Over Easy : sweet and savory recipes for leisurely days is here to spicy up your morning meal, letting is ease all too lazily into the afternoon.  

Over Easy is out on March 21st 2017 but you can preorder it now!  

I’ll be traveling the country signing books, teaching workshops, and having brunch with you so keep an eye out here for tour updates and follow me on Instagram for all the action!  

I’m so genuinely thrilled that this book is going to make it’s way into your kitchen.  It’s been a labor of love and eggs and bacon and I’m thankful that you are here to celebrate and brunch bake along with me.