It’s Summer! I think you should…

Watermelon Eating

… eat watermelon, in a park, in a row with several friends, quickly, in a race-type situation.  See who finishes first.  Crown them the winner.

Call it a Watermelon Eating Contest.

It’s summer.  Summer is fun.  Watermelon is summer fun.

Here are five Watermelon Eating Contest tips, from a photographer not a participant.

Watermelon Eating

Just before the race, it’s not a bad idea to lick your lips and stretch out the back.  You’ll need every advantage.  No… pregnant women do not have to eat twice the amount of watermelon.  It doesn’t work that way.

Watermelon Eating

Positioning is important.

Watermelon Eating

Cool sunglasses might prevent watermelon splatter.  No?  Feel free to cast them aside.

Watermelon Eating

White is not the ideal shirt color for such a contest.  Rest easy,  this is nothing a little Tide can’t fix.

Watermelon Eating

Thorough.  If not speedy, please do be thorough.  Heck… might as well enjoy the melon!

Happy Summer!  What are you doing for fun times?

46 thoughts on “It’s Summer! I think you should…

  1. This looks like you all had so much fun! Sooo much fun.. my mom always has us do this when the family is together, and even though the dads/bro-in-laws dont always want to do it, they seem to enjoy it when they do.

  2. Tip 6: Think about something very very serious, like how one derives the quadratic formula–otherwise, the laughing will totally cripple you. I laughed my way through the whole first piece, and by the time I reached the second, Kate had already won.

  3. My friends are silly enough to do something like this. It reminds me of the time I had a shrimp eating contest with friends. Let me just tell you, that was a very bad idea.

  4. Cute! Joy, your social life seems much more awesome than mine. And by awesome I mean existent.

    Anyhoo, feta cheese would go great with watermelon and maybe mint… I think. I don’t know about that combination but a watermelon salad seems in order.

  5. some feta cheese would go well with that watermelon!

    this summer, i will attempt to go an herb garden! and maybe some radishes, we’ll see!!

  6. What a great way to enjoy summer! I’ve heard a way to take that event further is to have a watermelon seed spitting contest, lol! You let the contestants spit the seeds and measure who spit the furthest seed the longest distance–sounds kind of “back woods” but sure fun in the summertime! This summer I am hosting an Iron Cupcake Challenge with the flavor Lemon. We are going to donate proceeds to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation-a charity for kids with childhood cancer. It’s another type of contest, not quite a watermelon eating contest, but a contest none the less. The participants will throw their oven mitts in the ring and who knows what the outcome will be….. I’ll keep you posted. I always enjoy reading your blog–keep up the great work!!

  7. Who won? :) Was it the guy standing in the last pic? Or one of the pregnant ladies? :)
    Lately for fun? This weekend we went to the slovenian coast to compete in tap (officially), but really to have great fun on stage, dancing as … food! :) I was a green pepper, my boyfriend was an eggplant. But we had cakes and ice creams and hot dogs, too. It really was fun. :) Now it’s back to reality, but since my editor hasn’t send me anything new yet, it would seem that today for fun i will be reading and catching up on my ironing with some movies to keep me company. :)

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