Baggu Loves You!

Baggu Bags 

Ok… well, Baggu loves me.  I love you.  Thus… and without question, Baggu loves you.  

See how that works?

Baggu has graciously decided to make my life easier, greener and fashionably color coordinated.  Thanks Baggu!  

See, instead of wrestling with single Baggu bags at the bottom of my purse, they’re put three matching bags in one pouch.  Clever, right?  

Now, I can walk out of Trader Joe’s looking like my tree saving self, and not feel bad about graciously ignoring the Greenpeace people who heckle me about whether or not I want to save the polar bears.  Obviously I want to save the polar bears…. don’t you see my Baggu bags!?   

Baggu bags.  Three bags in two sets, for two readers.  Leave a comment .  Comments close Tuesday at noon PST.  I’ll choose two comments at random and send those two darling readers a set of Baggu bags.  Success!  Go on… leave a comment and say hey!

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1,029 thoughts on “Baggu Loves You!

  1. I love these! Its a wonder more people don’t use them, we could generate far less waste. My mom has been using cloth shopping bags for years. It just makes sense

  2. The colors grabbed my attention….the fact that are machine washable is FAB. Friends tell me they look great even after repeated washings

  3. I love the look of these, and it would be so much easier to carry around Baggus than hauling four or five “regular” reusable store bags back and forth from the house to the grocery…


  4. So cute! And I’m looking for some new cute bags. Does anyone know how well these stand up to wear and tear? My bags (not baggu) are all falling apart at the bottom seam and various things have poked holes through the fabric.

    Thanks Joy for passing along the love!

  5. Oooh they’re so bright and pretty! Isn’t it great when we can be eco-friendly and colourful all at the same time? They’re great.

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