Beyond the Kitchen

Secret Vintage Wonderland

Shareen Vintage, downtown 

Shareen.  Do you know Shareen Vintage?

Oooooooh my word.  Should I tell you about Shareen?

Shareen Vintage is a wonderland of vintage dresses.  Ok… I’m about to combine three concepts that you probably thing an impossibility in combination: reasonably priced, magnificent condition, vintage dresses.  Yes.  It’s true.  These concepts all work together at Shareen Vintage in downtown Los Angeles.  I ain’t lyin’.   

Here’s the skinny on Shareen.  Her warehouse is located in a super obscure part of downtown Los Angeles.  You’ll seriously question your GPS finding this place.  You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the bodies at the end of the road.

Shareen Vintage, downtown 

Shareen Vintage is only open two days a week, and there are noooooo boys allowed inside.  Why no boys?  There are no dressing rooms in her secret garden of vintage dresses.  Girls try clothes on around a giant bed she has fashioned in her warehouse, or beside a couch and coffee table set up… really, just wherever you can find a spot next to a mirror.  Wear your pretty bra and underwear… I’m just sayin’.  

My pretty pink picnic dress?  Shareen Vintage.  I couldn’t believe how cheap it was.  Holy heck.  I’m a believer.  

So… now you know the secret:  Shareen. Vintage.  Downtown.  If you find yourself at the warehouse any given Wednesday or Saturday, please just save me some good stuff… in a size six.  It’s only polite… sweet, thanks!