My Top 10 Quick Bread Recipes

Persimmon Bread

It would seem that you can throw just about anything into an 8×4-inch loaf pan and have some sweet smellin’ magic come out of your kitchen after an hour or so.  What’s more, pulling a beautifully risen quick bread out of the oven is sure to make you feel like your a prime-time, super legit baker.

Here’s a peek at my favorite quick bread recipes.

Oh!  Happy Wednesday to you.  Also… you look pretty today.  I like what you did with your hair.

Low Fat Oatmeal Banana Bread

Low Fat Oatmeal Banana Bread.  Still moist.  Still all sorts of delicious.  I even counted the Weight Watchers points on this one.  Whaaaat!?  Yea.  That happened.

Raspberry Almond Bread

Raspberry Almond Bread.  Yes, after it’s baked the bread turns a touch blue from the raspberries.  What’s the science on that?  Can we get Bill Nye the Science Guy on this one?

Zucchini Sweet Potato Bread

Zucchini Sweet Potato Bread.  Fresh grated zucchini.  Raw grated sweet potato.  It’s unique, full of spice and delicious.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.  It’s chocolate.  It’s for breakfast.  If this offends you… I’m not sure what you’re doing here.  I mean that with love and respect.

Lemon Soaked Lemon Cake

Lemon Drenched Lemon Cakes.  Ok… so maybe this is more of a pound cake recipe than a quick bread recipe.  This cake is too good to pass up.  Lemon plus lemon syrup plus cake.  I vote:  awesome.

Honey Cranberry Cornmeal Bread

Honey Cranberry Cornmeal Quick Bread.  Have any leftover cranberries in your fridge?  Me too.

Fresh Mango Lime Bread

Fresh Mango Bread.  I never would have thought to put fresh mango in bread until Dorie Greenspan told me it was ok.

Vegan Pumpkin Walnut Bread

Vegan Pumpkin Walnut Bread.  Dense and moist.  Who says you need butter and eggs to make awesome bread!?  Whoever they are… kick ’em in the toe.  They’re wrong.

Persimmon Bread

Persimmon Bread.  You are mighty strange persimmon bread, but I love you just the same.

Honey Whole Wheat Pound Cake

Honey Whole Wheat Pound Cake.  Dense.  Nutty.  It’ll charm your pants off.  Be prepared.

124 thoughts on “My Top 10 Quick Bread Recipes

  1. … I don’t even bake that much yet, but I’m very tempted to go downstairs to my kitchen and start right away. They all look so yummy!

  2. The raspberries turn blue in the cake due to a change in pH – probably more alkaline conditions. Similar to when red cabbage turns blue after cooking. (Check out Harold McGee for thrilling science information…)

  3. Is it bad that I want to try all of them? Now? Can I go home and make the oatmeal banana bread? And the chocolate one? Oh please!!!! What is this whole job malarky anyway?!

  4. You’ve inspired me Joy…you Domestic Goddess you!!!

    I’ve set myself a Top 10 QuickBread challenge. My mission, now that I’ve chosen to accept it, is to whip up one of your loaves each week until I’ve tried them all, starting tomorrow. My husband and baby boy are gonna LOVE this!!!

    Cheers Em

  5. Hi Joy!

    How do you get the quickbreads baked so prettily? They usually split down the middle — or worse, off-center! — while in the oven.

  6. Now I am hungry and want to eat bread. I just ate, you know. :-) Especially that chocolate banana bread looks delicious. How could anyone be offended by that? Really, those people would be crazy..

  7. I’ve just realized I love quickbread, because I want to make each one of the 10 you just have highlighted!! They are so comforting, simple and delicious!

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