New Food for You.

Hello, Candy

It’s Thursday which means that… it’s still not Friday.  

I say that today you be far more blatant about your disinterest in getting any work done.  To help you with this task I’ve got links… links on the Internet… links on the Internet that are bound to help you waste at least a good hour of your day.  You game?  Let’s play.

See… my Internet starts to look the same day after day.  Of course I have to go see what’s cookin’ in ranch life with Ree.  Then I jet off to see how Deb and family are doing in New York.  Dooce and her crazy self always manage to crack me up… but these are the places that we all go, everyday.  

It’s a whole big Internet, friends!  That means we have some serious clicking to do.  

Here are some new food blogs that are, without a doubt, making the world a more delicious place.  Go on… check em out.  Every food blog can use a little love… especially the new ones!  Say hi!  Make friends!  Let’s not pretend like you actually wanted to work.  


Brunellos Have More Fun.  Where there is wine, there is Whitney.  

Jamie Oliver is Not My Boyfriend.  Um… I already feel like I have something in common with this blog!  Jamie Oliver is not my boyfriend either!!

The Noshery.  Food.  Photography and doggies.  I’m in. 

Vanilla and Lace 

Vanilla and Lace.  Pretty.  Pretty!  Pretty!!

Suitable for Consumption.  Please pass the Peppermint Patties and no one will get hurt.  

Confections of a Serial Baker.  Don’t be scared, it’s just cookies. 

Sprouted Kitchen 

Sprouted Kitchen.  Top knotch.  Daaaaang!  These photos kill me!

Cooking on the Side.  Solid.  Please send chili.  Thank you. 

Natalie’s Killer Cuisine.  Natalie, you’re a doll!  

Food Goes in Mouth.  Thanks Caleb.  I was wondering what to do with all this food.  Now at least I know where to put it. 

Shortbread South.  You can make me this breakfast sandwich anytime of day or night.  Please, also thank you. 

Food for My Family.  Big, bright and delicious!

Eating SF.  Good food paired with good music.  Love!

Good Life Eats 

Good Life Eats.  Katie, your Cardamom Citrus Coffee Cake has me mesmorized! 

Tastes Better with Friends.  Five Minute Chocolate Cake?  Ethan will make you a believer.

Let Me Eat Cake.  Hi Nastassia!  We need to be taco truck friends… for real.

What’s that?  I missed your new food blog!?  Well I just have to do Part Two next month!

103 thoughts on “New Food for You.

  1. I read someplace that there are almost 40,000 food blogs! Holy cow, that’s a lot to sift through – love that you highlighted a few. They are SO lucky to be in such amazing company and come recommended by you. Will head on over and check them out!

  2. Being relatively new to the blogging arena, there does seem to be a small group of powerhouses out there who are on everyone’s “must read” list. A big thanks from a newbie for spreading the word about folks not in that group. I am certain I am not alone in the appreciation and warm feelings. I look forward to checking these out as well as part two!

  3. I’m always inspired by people creative enough to blog AND cook/bake. It doesn’t seem right to be so gifted. :) Joy, you’re the bomb diggity. I’ll be sure to check these blogs if they have your seal of approval!

  4. I love it when other bloggers point out their favorite blogs—helps to spread the goodwill around a bit—so thanks. (I’m totally impressed with and inspired by Vanilla and Lace’s photos.)

  5. thanks for the new links & i am excited to explore…so very generous of you…
    joy the baker, ree & deb are my “everyday” reads!

  6. For the record, I really did mean to be off the computer 20 minutes ago so that I could actually leave for work on time. Seriously, I have a 55min commute ahead of me (thank you, DC traffic) that only gets worse when I get stuck in the local high school dropping-off-the-kids-because-they-can’t-take-the-bus-for-some-unknown-reason traffic. Instead, I’ve spent the last 20 minutes cruising around some really awesome blogs that I really should have discovered sooner (wine! cookies!!). So I’d like to say “Thanks!” for introducing me to some of my new favorite bloggers – but really, did you have to post this before I left for work?? ;)

    1. same here … I gotta get going and they cut off the internet at work. I do have tomorrow off and am thinking I’ll be getting a lot less done than I was planning.

      Thanks Joy !!

  7. OMG, I wish you posted this sooner. My boss is coming back from holiday on Sunday and I have no time to go through all these blogs now. :(

    I have to say, Sprouted Kitchen’s photography is just to die for. And the recipes? OMGyum!

    What does your kitchen look like? Can’t remember if I’ve seen a post about it. I only started reading your blog in October.

  8. I sooo want to check these out(at least most of them).sweet of you to share… but I’m a little worried …I already wasted most of my day off on wed. Hmmm….

  9. I think I’ve only heard of two of these. Thanks so much for the links. I love that food bloggers like you direct their readers to other sites, too. It makes me happy. I hope your year is off to a glorious start, Joy!

    1. Thank you so much Dani! You are always so so kind! I got your email! Thank you! I look forward to your new blog! Best of luck getting that going! You can totally rock it!

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