My Top 10 Cookie Recipes

Black and White Cookies 

I’d like to take this moment to request a platter of Black and White Cookies from the magic little elves that are currently in my kitchen doing the dishes, in my bedroom sorting laundry, and in my shower scrubbing the tiles.  Could you little elves please stop what you’re doing and make me some cookies?  Fresh baked.  With milk.  Please… that would be great. 

What?  The magic little elves have taken the night off!?  That’s some nerve.  Some nerve.  

Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies 

Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies.  Because everything should have bacon in it.  Everything. 

Lemon Whoopie Pies 

Lemon Whoopie Pies.  Daaaaang that’s a big cookie.


How to Make Palmiers… or How to Make Puff Pastry Even More Delicious.  Sugar.  

Heart Krispies 

Wait… a recipe for how to make Rice Krispie Treats shaped like hearts and dipped in chocolate.  Is this cheating?  Kinda… yea.  But look how pretty!  Drool.

Lemon Lime Sables 

Citrus Sables.  Fancypants sugar cookies with lemon and lime.  Do it. 

Dark Chocolate Walnut Raisin Cookies 

My word.  This cookie makes me weak in the knees.  Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies with Golden Raisins.  It’s like a brownie.  It’s like heaven… with walnuts and raisins.  

Easter Meringues 

Keepin’ it classy with Spring Easter Meringues.  I love when pretty is also delicious.

Honey Roasted Peanut Thumbprint Cookies 

Honey Roasted Peanut Thumbprint Cookies.  A classic made couture.  So much yum.  

Chocolate Chip Cookies Part 1 

My favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie with melted butter and bread flour.  Big, chewy and delicious.  Yes. 



77 thoughts on “My Top 10 Cookie Recipes

  1. Joy, quite some time ago, I did a search for black a white cookies, and your blog popped up. They are delicious, and even my husband who hates cookies love them. I don’t make them as much as I should because I would be 600 pounds and riddled with diabetes. But, they are still delicious and wonderful all the same. If it wasn’t for those cookies, I wouldn’t have found your blog- which is in fact, on my “bookmarks tab”. Yes, you’ve not only been bookmarked, but you’re TAB bookmarked which is definitely aces in my world. :-)

  2. Crikey Joy! These look utterly amazing. Wow. A big pass on the non-vegetarian ones though (!) but a big big big YES for all the others. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I absolutely love your blog! And those cookies are just to die for! I love the choc chip, and the meringues….oh, and the peanut butter….and the black & white…hell, I love ’em all!

  4. I love that we’re on the same mental wavelength, Joy – I just made a triple (triple!!) batch of chocolate chip cookies last night. I promise I made some to share with my husband and children; I am about to get on a plane and head to Hawaii here in a few hours and desperately need only a few of said cookies to cope with the 12 HOUR TRANSIT. After all, doesn’t everyone bring homemade cookies with them on long flights? Or even short flights? If not, everyone should. Just sayin’…

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