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Maybe You Can Help…

Dr Pepper Cake

Here are the facts:

I had grand plans to make a Dr Pepper cake for a certain cute red headed boy for his birthday.

I had these grand plans because I wanted to impress this certain boy with my ninja-like baking skills.

I found a book.  I found a recipe.  I bought Dr. Pepper.  I whipped up the batter.  I threw together the frosting.  I married the cake and frosting.


Dr Pepper Cake

Dr Pepper Cake

Gross.  Icky.  Yuck.  Creepy moist.  Too sweet.  Thumbs down.  Not good.  Not cute.  Not any way to celebrate a birthday.

Maybe the addition of marshmallows should have been a red flag.

Dr Pepper Cake

I had to go with the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ defense… sort of unacceptable when your name is Joy the (freaking) Baker.

Now you know the facts.  Now maybe you can help.

What’s your favorite soda pop cake recipe?  I’ve got to redeem myself.  Any suggestions?

Dr Pepper Cake