What to do with all that Buttermilk

Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream

If you’ve been around these parts long enough, you’ve probably noticed that I’m pretty fond of buttermilk.

Buttermilk brings the tang, brings a tender texture… and is all around awesome in baking.

But once you buy the carton for one recipe, what the heck are you supposed to do with the rest of the milk?

Not to worry.  I’m looking out for you.  Here are a few recipes that will help you use up that carton of buttermilk.

Click around.  Maybe you think that  Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream is swell.

While you’re busy with buttermilk, I’m going to go stuff my face with more Easter jelly beans.  Good?  Good.

Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles

Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles are a thing of beauty.

Warm Berries and Dumplings

I love when a bag of frozen berries gets all fancypants.  Warm Berries with Stovetop Dumplings.

Blackberry Jam Cake

This cake is all sorts of classy.  It’s baked up in a sheet pan, covered in blackberry jam and Swiss meringue buttercream.  It’s a beauty queen.  I love it.  Blackberry Jam Cake.  

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake with Fluffy White Frosting.  This cake is like the cool kid on the playground.  Everyone wants to be on their kickball team.  Laaaadeeeedaaaa!

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche Buttercream

I like carrot cake in Spring, don’t you.  Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche Buttercream.

Buttermilk Pie

Mmmmm.  Buttermilk Pie with Warm Blackberry Sauce.  This recipe just warms my heart to bits.

Hop in the kitchen and use up that buttermilk.  You’ll feel better.  or… I’ll feel better.  Someone will feel much better.

If you can’t find buttermilk, or buttermilk puzzles you, or you just want to make your own… I’ve got all sorts of tricks up my sleeve for you.

90 thoughts on “What to do with all that Buttermilk

  1. I have frozen buttermilk in my freezer all the time. I freeze my leftovers in one cup
    containers and it works out great! I never waste buttermilk this way. Try it, I think you will be happy with the results.

  2. Hey, get out of my head! How did you know I was searching for a way to use the leftover buttermilk before it went bad? Seriously, woman… creepy…

  3. I wish I could make every single thing you’ve listed!! They all look so good! I have 2 bottles of buttermilk in my fridge right now. I read that buttermilk can be frozen up to 3 mths after it has expired and still unfinished. Still good for baking apparently.

  4. Hay joy, I just got through reading (all of) your blog in like two weeks or so! You have me addicted! I love it and I look forward to reading it every day! You are so wonderful, so so wonderful! I am from Germany, so you know you have readers from this country as well!
    Have a great day!

  5. You must be psychic. When I opened the fridge just today to look hopefully for snack food, I ignored the half carton of buttermilk staring forlornly back at me. Next time I’ll use it to make the warm berries with stove top dumplings. That looks so good!

  6. My buttermilk gets used up feeding my sourdough starter. It’s amazing the yummy bread it makes for me after that :) But now you have me craving pancakes (again) so…

  7. Great post. My buttermilk just sits in the fridge until it’s too late. I have started to use unsweetened yogurt instead because then it won’t go to waste – it seems to work the same but then I’m not a baking expert. Do you think buttermilk substitutions work as well as the real thing?

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