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May 2010

Beyond the Kitchen

Dear Thirty Nine Year Old Joy,

  Dear Thirty Nine Year Old Joy,      It’s 2010.  Today we’re Twenty Nine Year Old Joy.  It’s exciting.  My Facebook page is exploding with birthday wishes.  Cool but mostly gross.  I’m making a birthday cake.  That’s what that…

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Chocolate Recipes

Dark Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes I turn chocolate into cookies. Sometimes I turn chocolate into cake. Once I turned chocolate into sorbet. I usually sleep with a chocolate bar on my nightstand.  You probably think I’m kidding.  I’m not.  It’s strangely comforting. Chocolate bread?…

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Beyond the Kitchen

2010. It’s Happening.

  Every few months I go on an over-sharing spree on Joy the Baker.  I talk about all sorts of things that aren’t chocolate or butter or cake.  I sometimes tell you about my sister.  I often tell you about…

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Recipes Savory tips

How to Make Butter

We do have butter to talk about today, but first I hope you’ll indulge me in allowing me to write an open letter to my little sister Lauren. Dear Lauren, This afternoon I found a card that you wrote me…

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Beyond the Kitchen

Pretty. Pretty Things.

You and me?  We always talk about yummy things.  Today we need to talk about pretty things. These beautiful porcelain creations are the work of Alyssa Ettinger.  Alyssa makes pretty things with her hands… let me explain. Alyssa makes these…

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