Heck Yes. Wear a Dress.

On the Lamb Derby Party 

For a second I thought I might sit around my house this past weekend and wallow knee deep in self pity and other sorrows.  Sounds like fun, right?  A real riot.  

I thought better of it.  I kicked myself right in the pants and put on the biggest party dress I could find.  

Big party dresses are key to healing any of life’s little hiccups.  You think I’m kidding?  Put on a dress… you’ll feel way better.   

On the Lamb Derby Party 

Know what else helps with life’s hiccups?  Bourbon.  Or wait…. does that cause the hiccups in the first place?  I’m not sure.  Jury is still out on that one.  

On the Lamb Derby Party 

Big party dress, check.  Bourbon, check.  Country funk records spinin’ on the turntable, check.  One heck of an afternoon in the sun… success.  

On the Lamb Derby Party 

Throw in my two best friends Whitney and Rachel.  Holy heckballs…. that was one fine weekend.  

Please note:  this post was just a shameless excuse to show you the fantastic vintage dress I wore this weekend.  If this dress or my unabashed love of bourbon and country funk music offends your sensibilities…. well… that’s a real shame.  You must admit though… it’s a pretty rad dress.  

Tomorrow we discuss pie bars.  It’s important.  Really important. 

Photographs by Marisa Q Photography

153 thoughts on “Heck Yes. Wear a Dress.

  1. I simply LOVE your dress, Joy.
    And your friends’ hats are also really great.
    It is nice to see that someone is having fun. I’m not. My exams are strating tomorrow, so no fun at all.
    Do you think apple walnut flax seed bread will bring me luck? :)

  2. Love the dress! You are awesome. Love reading about your life, you are so real. And I absolutely love baking, it is therapeutic for me.

  3. I completely agree, dresses always make me feel good and I practically live in them! That dress you’re wearing is gorgeous and you look lovely! :)

  4. can i just say yes, dresses totally rock! i love them and wear dresses all the time. theres no better way to feel feminine and gorgeous! :)
    and that IS a rad dress and you look fabulous, joy! seems like you had a great weekend and you deserve it, girl! that last picture there is beautiful, what an athmosphere. too bad im at home with 2 (yes, both – im lucky!) pink eyes, ekk! ;)

  5. I must know where you bought that dress! It better not be available only in LA because I live in Vancouver!

    Also, love your blog. I’ve been reading you for almost two years and I pretty much have a friend crush on you. Keep on rockin and making delicious things!

  6. I’m in love with your dress collection. I always go past dresses in shops thinking should I, but I never even wear the ones I have. So probably no more new dresses for me. Still love the one you have on.

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