Beyond the Kitchen

Thirty Things before Thirty Years


In two short months, I turn 30.

I turn 30.  I turn 30.  I turn 30.  I turn 30!

If you’re curious; no, I’m not freaking out.  There’s nothing to freak out about.  I killed it in my twenties.  I did college.  I made myself a baker.  I started a business.  I dated a generous handful of darling gentlemen.  I did numerous cartwheels.  I enjoyed my fair share of bourbon.  I learned how to make homemade ranch dressing.  I fell in love with a kitten.  I ate plenty of raw cookie dough.  And!  I’ve got a whole two months to fill with the reckless shenanigans of a 20-something.

The only sad things about turning 30 is that I might feel too old watching The Real World… I won’t be able to relate to to anyone on The Jersey Shore… Teen Mom will infuriate me, and I’ll have missed my opportunity to do a keg stand (but really, who wants to drink beer upside down anyway!?  not cute).  It looks like MTV will be completely out of the question.  I’ll probably come to embrace shows like Hoarders, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and, Toddlers and Tiaras.   Sigh.  Whatevs.

Can I still say ‘Whatevs’ when I turn 30?  Prob not.

Listen… I’m going on and on and on about 30-ness because I have a project to complete in my last two months of 29.  I need your help.

I want to complete 30 things before I turn 30.  I’ve got a list working, but I’m a little stumped.  That’s where you come in.  Help me fill this list.  I’m counting on you… I got a lot of work to do!


Thirty Things before Thirty Years

Eat 1 giant birthday hot dog with sauerkraut, spicy mustard, and beer.

Send flowers to 2 friends.

Buy 3 strangers their morning coffee.

Take 4 new people to church on Sunday.

Make 5 new friends.

Mail 6 hand-written letters.

Compliment 7 strangers.

Leave 8 lucky quarters on the ground.

Send 9 of my favorite books to 9 of my favorite people.

10?  11?


Give away 12 fresh cupcakes.

Send 13 postcards to 13 blog readers.

Tip my waitress $14 above average.

Leave 15 nice comments on 15 other blogs.

Make (at least) 16 coffee ice cream cream puffs.


Enjoy 17 beach sunsets.

18,19,20,21,22,23… whatcha got for me?

Take and develop 24 pictures… with film .


Take 26 yoga classes.

Clean my closet and give away 27 things.


You see the pattern here, right?  I need, for example, to find 18 things to do.  I need to think of 19 gifts to give… I need to make 20 of something.  Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

I need your ideas.  Lay em on me!

Ps.  I heart you.  Major.