Buns. Biscuits. Brownies.




ooh friends.

Some of you were a little peeved that I live in a world where I can drink milkshakes and wear shortshorts in early April.  I live in Southern California… we don’t have real winter… or spring, or fall.  We have real summers.  Does that count?

Wait… I’m not making this apology any better.  Forget the part about the endless summer.  That’s dumb.  Nobody likes that.

Since some of you are still suffering with cold and wet and windy and snowy, I thought I’d share some comfort food with you.

Buns.  Biscuits.  and Brownies.

This is me caring about you.  And I’m not wearing shorts right now.  I swear.  I promise.  I’m totally wearing pants.  Warm pants and socks and a scarf.  Oh! Umbrella too, just in case something crazy goes down in my house.

112 thoughts on “Buns. Biscuits. Brownies.

  1. I will be moving to Silicon Valley in exactly 45 days. From Switzerland! I can’t wait, Joy, I can’t waaaaait

  2. My charming friends used to call me Buns. I like to think for my sharply-honed patisserie skills.

    Can you help a lost European understand what an American biscuit is? Is it different from a scone? Am I missing out on a whole biscuity universe?


    1. Hi Frances, the best I can figure is that American biscuits (made with lard instead of butter) taste like English scones; American scone recipes, on the other hand, usually have egg in the batter and are more crumbly than what the usual English scone is like. This from the recipes I’ve seen and the scones and biscuits tasted in Texas.

      1. A biscuit can be made with butter, too. In fact, I’ve never made a biscuit with lard and I grew up in Texas. Biscuits are eaten like a roll with dinner or eaten with butter and jelly for breakfast. We use them like bread. We even put ham and cheese in them sometimes and eat them like a sandwich. I love scones, which I never make with eggs, only butter and cream; and I love biscuits. The difference in the two is I add a very small amount of sugar to my scones and no sugar at all to my biscuits. I’ll eat a scone for a snack, but biscuits are definitely breakfast food for me! In the south, almost everyone smothers their biscuits with gravy for a yummy breakfast food.

    2. What you call biscuits, we call cookies. American biscuits are a little fluffier than a scone typically is. I think a scone’s a scone, no matter where you’re from ;). Hope that helps.

      1. Thank-you, confusion cleared up. Although there is something inherently strange to me about scones with gravy, even if only related by a distant cousin…

  3. I live in Northern Europe and I am wearing shorts right now. Its quite warm in the apartment and there is some snow outside:) Snow, sun, whatever weather I would happily eat buns, biscuits and brownies

  4. Hi Joy. I check in everyday as I heart your recipes plus it reminds me of my bestest friend who lives in LA. You never guess what? It is sunny in London today and may be shorts weather by the end of the week! Exx

  5. Well here in the UK it’s brilliant blue skies but cold enough to need a scarf so somewhere in between I guess. Not that there’s ever a kind of weather in which it’s not appropriate to make or eat brownies…

  6. Hi Joy, I live in Colorado and it is snowing right know it sucks. I lived here all my life, and I decided that I want to move, I don’t know when that is but I am moving to a warmer climate! Any ways these pictures look tasty! Thanks

  7. It is grey and wet in my little corner of Canada and I will definitely be consoling myself about it with one of these delights… I’m leaning towards brownies… YUM. Short shorts? Really? How dare?!

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