Let me be honest…


I’ve been thinking all day about what I’d write tonight.

Should I write about the peacock I saw this weekend?  Should I tell you about how I was afraid of the peacock until I remembered that it is ostriches that are sometimes mean and not peacocks?  Yea… I’m smart.  Ostriches spit right?  No wait… that’s llamas.

Get me to a petting zoo.  Someone.  Please.

I’m afraid I don’t have any cookies to tell you about, or brownies to share.  I haven’t made soup, or scones, and I still have that Chicken Pot Pie in the fridge.

I’ve been busy busypants.  There are shoes all over my apartment.  Everywhere.  I think my cat might start eating them.

Instead of compiling a list of muffins I’ve already made, I just thought I’d be honest with you.

I’m working on a new project for you.  New project!!!!

My brain is everywhere.  My body is everywhere too… with my brain… but totally not with my brain.  I’m bonkers… that’s what I’m trying to tell you.


I’m working on this project with other people you might know from the Internet.  Tracy welcomed me into her home and let me shove a camera in her face.  She didn’t pretend to like it.  I didn’t really expect her to.


Whitney posed for pictures.  She’s a total natural.  Profesh.


Greg, Andy, and Nathan are super great to work with.  They feed me dinner and make me laugh.


I went all the way to Austin to work with Tsh.  Austin is full of cool people waiting to do cool things.  Makes sense.


Tsh is the most lovely of women.  She’s got the sparkle, and an amazing family.


All of this traveling…


and working…


has really worked a number on my sweet tooth.  I made this Easter candy centerpiece a few weeks back.

What on earth was I thinking!?  The kitten attacked the Peeps and I ate the rest of the candy.  I did.  I stress ate it all.  There may still be Peeps under my bed from kitten play.  I’m afraid to check.


In other news… got this foxyfox pin from a boy.  Maybe I’m obsessed.  No biggie.

Thanks for letting me be honest.  Well… halfway honest.  I still haven’t told you what I’m working on, have I?  Soon soon soon!  I’m comin’ at ya!


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88 thoughts on “Let me be honest…

  1. I keep imagining that that fox pin is going to start speaking with george clooney’s voice. you know, because it reminds me of fantastic mr. fox from roald dahl’s book (“fantastic mr. fox”) and the screen adaptation voiced by dear old george. even if it’s mute, though, it’s still pretty amazing.

  2. You were right to be scared of the peacock. Once I was at the zoo around this time of year and there was a mom peacock with her little chicks following me around and I was 100% sure they wanted to eat my toes. (They were painted yellow and in my delusions peacocks eat giant corn kernels.)

  3. Ahh!! I love projects and I love secrets. What could it possibly be? Making a rap video? A TV show? Hmmm, maybe a cook book? Share share share!

  4. New endeavors. Creating, making, thinking, storytelling, collaborating. Fresh perspective. Lovely. Its effects can be transformative….I’m excited for you. And I hope it’s okay that you are perfectly bookmarked on my blog. I tell all my mom friends about you. It keeps us from feeling too 40ish—like we still might have a little something left after years of marriage and babies and working and more babies. Thanks! Susan
    P.S. Like the Final Cut shot.

  5. Ah yes, working on new projects creating from within, sounds exciting. Can’t wait to see what you are working on. Love the pictures of places and friends. Paulette

  6. Whatever you’re working on, can’t wait to hear all about it. I bet you’ll tell us soon. But you’re such a tease in the process.

    Shoes all over your apt? That just means you have lots of shoes. Which is a wonderful problem to have :)

  7. Secret projects are fun – I, of course, am terrible at them since I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to keeping secrets. I always end up in absolute agony DYING to tell people about whatever it is.

    As for your foxy fox pin, it’s gorgeous. I loved the Fantastic Mr Fox movie so much more than I expected, so much that I would probably beg any passing boy to buy me one too if I saw one around : ). I’m sure they’d agree – I’m very persuasive.

  8. My story? This is like group therapy.

    I don’t like prawns. I think its the texture. At least that’s what I tell people. Really, I’m just a right fussy one. Ate only ham and cheese for the first three years of my life. But in Fez a while back we were presented with shrimps. I ate them. Enjoyed them. Didn’t realise prawns and shrimp are EXACTLY THE SAME. Haven’t been able to live it down since.

    Still won’t eat prawns mind.

    Hope the cat enjoyed your beautiful Easter centerpiece Joy.

    happy Easter!


  9. True story: I didn’t see a real zebra until I went to the zoo…last year. And I’m 25. Also, I once I confused heron with herring. Thank God that was at a more respectable age of animal confusion. Like, 23. I think I just really need to hunker down with some back issues of Highlights Magazine and Ranger Rick or something.

    PS – love the photos!

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