In the Stacks: my favorite things

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I am surrounded by stacks of books.  Well… stacks of books, semi sweet chocolate chips, and bobbypins.

I really wanted to share my books with you… mostly because reading aloud is lost on my cat.  New and old, these are the pages that currently surround me.

With the season getting more grey and brisk, I find myself sitting with these books even more.  Working out is sooooo summer.  It’s time for sweaters, slippers, and cozy book worming.

I was recently gifted Good Meat.  Gorgeous Gorgeous book!  I now know that I can make a French-style hamburger with salted herb butter.  I’m reading this book like a novel and dreaming about steaks and stews.

The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook inspired this perfect chocolate cake.  It’s a beautiful seasonal cookbook with umcomplicated recipes that inspire communal table dining.

Heidi wrote such a dreamy book.  Super Natural Every Day.  It’s full of health and quinoa.  In my dream life I eat as well as Heidi.  In my real life I just keep eating butter.

Do you have the Organic and Chic cookbook?  I’ve been talking about this book for a while now.  I love the cupcakes in this book.  The decorating is simply pretty and organic as heck.

There’s totally more…


I have a relationship with Dorie Greenspan’s Baking book.  My friend Michael bought me this book when I was such a poor student that the best I could do was daydream about this book while sitting with it at the bookstore.  I’ve made every single recipe.. at least twice.  Dorie’s a hero in my heart.

Food Styling is serious.  It’s no joke.  This book will tell you how to make pies and cookies and salads look right.  On the real.

Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating makes me sound like I know a thing or two about food. From coffee to aged Parmesan cheese, to balsamics, and chocolate.  This book will teach you why good vinegar is expensive, and why why why to splurge on an aged cheddar.  It’s good brain food.  Smartypants!

Steinbeck… I love you.  You write for my heart.  How kind of you.

Dave Eggers.  You infuriate and inspire me.  It’s strange and invigorating.

My Mom got me this Kitten Taming book.  Um… I think this arrived too little too late.  The Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man book was much more topical and poignant when it arrived in my life last year.

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Jilly’s book, Party Like a Culinista is filled with post-it note bookmarks.

JayZ wrote an uh-mazingly major book.  Decoded was the most inspiring book I’ve read this year.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s beautifully written and visually… everything.  Find your way to this book.

Eugene O’Neill.  You take my heart and break it.

OhMyGod Wuthering Heights.  Heathcliff.  Oh you.

Book of Dreams… for when I super stress dream about work stuff and such.

Be a girl who reads and cooks.  Come on… totally dork out with me.

129 thoughts on “In the Stacks: my favorite things

  1. Joy! This was a perfect post. I’ve always wondered what literature finds its way into your home. Dorie, Heidi, Jay-Z … the gang’s all there! Love it.

  2. I’m going to have to get this Dorie book. Sounds amazing. Haven’t had much time in the last year to bake – had given birth to our now 13 month old daughter. Just getting back into baking though and I’m in heaven.

  3. That’s me, I’m a total dork too;) I study English literature, and when I don’t actually study, I cook. Or eat. I don’t work out. That’s just no me:) I think kneading dough is sort of working out too.. At least enough to keep me in shape!

  4. I love books and being a girl who cooks…we have a spare room that just has a bed and stacks of books lining the walls. Also, I have, like, half of those books…book worm friends!

  5. love this! john steinbeck is one of my favorite authors! and i recently purchased super healthy every day at the local bookstore, and i put it among My copy of east of eden.. and cannery row.. and kerouc and all the lovely books i need to read more (stupid school…)
    thanks again for another great post for my mornings!

  6. What is more perfect than diving into a novel whilst a cake is baking in the oven? I usually like to be reading at least 2 books at once and be listening to a book on CD during my commute. I heart reading. and my public library, which prevents me from going broke on books, which I definitely would.

  7. I LOVE IT! baking and books. It can’t get any better. Especially now its getting seriously cold and rainy in London. Working out in this weather takes soo much more motivation. I’d rather bake. have you seen Jamie Olivers’ America book – it reads like a novel in parts which I love and has the most beautiful pictures. I’ve been re-reading Jhumpa Lahiri too. Such beautiful stories.

  8. I love this – “stacks of books, semi sweet chocolate chips, and bobbypins” what more could a girl want??

    It’s great how each book you like has a story behind it. Thanks for all the book tips :)

  9. Great list!

    I have that big orange food styling book by Delores Custer and it’s quite the bible…and I’m sure you have or have seen Helene’s Plate to Pixel. My fave book to date on all things camera and food styling.

    And I have seen YOUR Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Toasted Marshmallow Cupcakes all over pinterest. Like every board I go to that’s a dessert board, they are there. Just begging me to make them. I think I better :)

    Oh and Heidi’s book rocks, Supernatural, indeed. Love it.

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