Make a Time Capsule!


Seven years.

Seven years doesn’t sound like a lot of time.  Seven years.  Seven years ago I was just moving from Seattle back to Los Angeles.  I was dating a man that I liked… and eventually I thought better of it and stopped liking him.  Seven years ago I was struggling to put myself through college.  I was working at coffee shop where I was the most popular barista because I was super nice, remembered everyone’s drink order, and occasionally wore low cut tops.  Nevermind that last part, Mom . Seven years ago I was moving into a tiny… and I mean TINY, one room studio with no kitchen.  I had a microwave that I rarely used.  I read a lot of books, took a lot of painting classes, and drove a Buick.  I remember feeling like I was working it out…. I guess I was.

So much has happened in seven years.  So much has happened on this path that I couldn’t ever have imagined for myself.

Because so much has happened, and because so much will happen… I made a time capsule (which I keep accidentially calling a time machine).

Making a time capsule is brilliantly easy:  invite over a friend (in this case, my dear/blonde friend Jill), gather some of the things that you love, label them, tag them, write your future self a note, take polaroids, pile everything in a fancy box… and let seven glorious, action packed, unexpected, adventure-filled years pass before opening it again.  There you have it!  A time machine!!


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Oatmeal Walnut Cocoa Nib Cookies



It’s a slow slow week we’re living, these days after Christmas and before New Year’s Day… but what’s on your brain?

Are you ready to say goodbye to 2011?  Are you ready to shake it out?

2011 was a beautiful year… but I’m ready to shake it out so I can put some beauty in 2012.

These days between Christmas and New Years feel so still and quiet… and yet very contemplative and heavy with potential.

I’m not talking about the potential of… I dunno, losing weight and eating better and drinking more water… and all that important nonsense.

I’m talking about the potential of it all.  Another year behind us and another chance in front of us.

What are we going to do with it?  Now is the time to think.

Now is the time to think and eat cookies.

Let’s get into imagining our future selves!  This is it!


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Super Herb Butter



Yesterday was a day like any other day.

I woke up thinking about doughnuts and chili fries. Ok… not really.  I did, however, make my way to the kitchen, found an open box of cereal, and ate a giant handful of dry cereal with my eyes closed.  Then I drank milk.  I can’t tell you whether or not I drank straight from the carton or used a glass.  That information is classified.  Just let me be known that I seem to be a bachelor at heart.

Yesterday was a day like any other day.  There was cereal, a bit of beach, eye cream (because I’m obsessed), food, friendship, and curious amounts of butter.


Herb butter.  A simple combination of salt and pepper, fresh thyme and chives, fresh (fuzzy) sage and lemon zest.

It all gets smashed into butter.  Later I’m going to suggest you put this cold butter inside a hamburger patty.  That’s obscene and I apologize in advance.

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Red Velvet Christmas Cupcakes



Dear Santa,

Let’s have some real talk.  If you’ve been listening to my podcast you know all about what I want for Christmas.  You’ve heard me blabber on and on about glitter nail polish, sequin tops, Tina Fey, and bourbon.  Yes… I want Tina Fey for Christmas.

Actually though… I want none of these things.  Well, except chocolate.  Did I mention chocolate?  I could also use a generous dose of patience, a few more hours in the day, and enough energy to never have to sleep.  Basically I want you to turn me into a patient and kind superhero… and I want to keep my glasses.  They make me look smarter (and see better).

As a trade for such gifts, I offer you these cupcakes.  I’ve fashioned them into a haphazard Christmas tree (or pointed arrow… whatever) in an effort to please you.

Please say it works!




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Spicy Lemon Date Spread



Have you ever tried to peel dates?

Yea… me neither.  Except I totally tried.  It was hard. It was futile.

Did you know you’re not supposed to peel dates? You’re not.  All it takes is one text to a friend.. and you’ll know for sure.

Texting with sticky fingers. It’s just real.  No biggie.


I love this spread.  It’s bold.  It’s how I want to live my whole life:  sweet, spicy, tart, and good on everything.

Yea… that’s exactly how I want to live my life.  Most days.  Most days are tart days.

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Bite-sized Baked Brie



My hair is straight today.

My hair is straight today only because a woman spent about two hours pulling, tugging, blowing, and spraying my hair into this state.

It’s still curly on the bottom.  It’s also still frizzy on the top.  It would appear as though the outside of my head is as stubborn as my inside brain.  Stubborn!

I should just let my hair be how it lives.  Curly with a charming hint of frizz.  But… sometimes you want a change.  Sometimes you want to toss your bangs like the girls with the long straight hair.  Whatever.   Sometimes you want to bake your brie up into little bite-sized squares so you can eat too many of them without feeling like you’re eating an entire round of brie.  Again… whatever.

Also… it’s raining today.  I don’t even want to talk about the frizz this will induce.  I’m probably going to stay inside where the baked cheese is.  Just so you know.  Leave me be.


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The Simple Lunch



The Simple Lunch is for days when:

maybe you’re nervous and possibly overwhelmed.

you’ve considered dipping your morning muffin in good olive oil.

you want to remember the days when you highlighted your hair with lemon juice and sunlight.

you need to sprinkle salt on your lunch aaaannnddd over your shoulder.

you want day wine… maybe two glasses.  no judgements.

venice wallpaper

Take a moment to enjoy The Simple Lunch…

it’s just like taking a warm morning walk.

it’s just like relaxing on your couch and just zoning out staring at your wall paper.

The Simple Lunch is happy and relaxed.

Grab a baguette, a ripe avocado, lemon, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and a sprinkling of olive oil.  Aaand go!

Real talk:  I bring you this abbreviated post because I’m bonkers busy right now.  But but but!  BUT!  Avocado toast is majorly delicious and and AND, I’m trying to figure out a way to put baked cheese things on a stick.  I’ll bring you those treats (fingers crossed) this weekend!  I love you… let’s hug.

A Hot Bowl of Spicy Lentil Soup with Buttered Bread



It’s time to ease up.

It’s time have a cup of tea.  It’s time to play with the cat until he scratches you.  It’s time to sit on the couch and stare at the wall a bit.  It’s time to stand in the kitchen and eat Ritz crackers and chug orange juice.

It’s time to make a giant pot of soup… and sorta use a recipe… but not really use a recipe.

It’s just time to ease up just a bit….

Tomorrow we can finish shopping, plan big Christmas dinners, finish knitting mittens, and start wrapping presents.  For now let’s just ease.

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Chocolate Peppermint Roll with chocolate ganache



Own your life.  Own every last bit of it.

Don’t send your Christmas cards out until you’re good and ready.  Wear neon purple tights with a grey dress… why not ?  Go heavy on the gold eyeshadow…tis the season.  Green nail polish?  Go on.   Run through the rain… or sleep in and skip exercise class.

Fashion your cakes into a roll and slice generous portions for yourself, and skinnier portions for other people.  Pretend not to notice what you’re doing.

Whatever it is:  own it!

Maybe you’re one of those people who thinks that rolling a cake is bonkers crazy and waaaaay too hard for you to do.

I’m hear to change your heart and mind.  Ok?  Let’s do this!

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Let’s Make Orange Pomanders!



I can cook.  I mean… I can really cook.  I can walk around in a pair of heels without looking like a weirdo…. and I know how to apply lip liner if the occasion requires.

I am not, however, a domestic goddess.  Not at all.  Nope.

I’m not one of those ladies who has Christmas ornaments in the basement.  I don’t have a shelving system dedicated to wrapping paper and corresponding ribbons.  I don’t even know what a holiday wreath is.  Stockings by the fire?  Shut it.  Yule logs burning?  What are you even talking about?  Beautifully decorated Christmas tree?  No… I just.. I just… I don’t have that.

It’s cool.  I can’t be everything.  I don’t even want to be everything.  You know what I do want to be…?  I want to be like Nigella Lawson covered in caramel… because then Christmas trees don’t really matter at all.

Oh, and just to be safe… I’ll put a mini Santa hat on my cat and call it a day.

My house smells like Orange Pomanders… I gotta go.  The caramel is boiling.

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Pickle Fries



I think maybe I can see into my future.  Well, I can see into my future if my future involves me being pregnant.

If I’m ever a pregnant Joy the Baker… oh sweet lordy… God help us all.

I’ll totally be one of those pickles and ice cream women.  I’ll also be a marshmallow and peanut butter woman.  …and maybe a pizza and taffy kind of lady.

It’s the future.  I can feel it.

I hope and pray that pregnant Joy the Baker is also still into kale and quinoa.

Thank goodness that’s all a long way away.

In the meantime… I’ll just turn pickles into fries and pretend the yogurt dipping sauce is actually vanilla bean ice cream.


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New Things at!


Good things are in the works and you need to be in the know.

Let’s talk about  I’m so proud of it and I want to share.

There are some awesome things being made by the people that we’ve gathered.

The Joy the Baker Podcast is still going strong.  We’re on episode 28 and it’s bonkers fun to produce with Michael and Tracy.

But there’s more more more!

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