Beyond the Kitchen

Finding Inspiration


Where do you find inspiration?  Up in the sky.  Down by your feet?  On Pinterest?  In a strange city, at a strange coffee shop! staring at a man that reminds you of Clark Kent, remembering how the feel of a newspaper is both romantic and informative?

I wanted to share some inspiration with you this morning.  It’s Monday.  We we need it… just like we need sunshine, creamy coffee, and frisky red wine…. or maybe that’s just me.

I love you.  No biggie.


Inspiration from my bedroom dresser.  Big blue nail polish from Butter London.  A domino with my favorite number on it.  Dangle earrings from Soledad.  A pink fashion clutch from ooooold times Banana Republic.


Inspiration from characters.  A man taking tickets on a train from St. Louis to Chicago at 4:30 in the morning.  He had a lot of things in his pockets, and his mustache makes me want to make beer… so he could drink it and I could giggle at his beer mustache.


Inspiration in a middle America sunrise.  I want coffee… and I want it dirty.  What does that even mean?  … that there needs to be a tractor around?  Yea.


Inspiration in colors happening.

There really is so much for us to see… we just have to stop and see it.


Inspiration in the greats.

T.S. Eliot is one of my favorite poets.

I stood in front of his teenage home in St. Louis… and I cocked my foot to the side juuust so…. so my feet would look like those cool fashion bloggers.  They always have their toes turned in.

… clearly I need to read more Eliot.


Inspiration in old shapes.

This heater makes me crave Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread.  Right?


Inspiration in friendship.  Even in our thirties, we take the time to do each other’s hair.  It’s in us.  We also speak our hearts, and laugh like monsters… that’s in us too.

There’s color and beauty in most everything.  Let’s remember to see it… to really see it, let in sink in, let it help us create.

Find more inspiration in these special places on the internet.  Take a few minutes… you’re important.

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