Summer Diptychs

summer diptics

I’ve been out in the world this summer.  Taking in some new air and some new sites.  It’s great.  It’s totally necessary… I’m going to be hunkered down in my kitchen for Fall and Winter cooking up a few very big projects for you!  For now, I’m living (and trying to exercise as much as possible) before I bust out the butter and caramel sauce this Fall.  Big things coming!  I can’t wait to tell you more about them.

For now I hope you’ll enjoy this Friday taking in some diptych.  Two pictures.  Two different locations.  Just me trying to live.

Incidentally, Diptic is a pretty rad iPhone app that makes all of these pictures possible on the go.


Venice California sunset, unfiltered.

San Francisco sunset, glowing and brisk.

summer diptics

A fine Fourth of July with Whitney all up in the watermelon salad.

Gather round and grub.

summer diptics

Seagulls standing, Malibu.

Couple resting, New York City.

summer diptics

Teaching a food styling class with my friend Shutterbean.  Find your style!

My style is toasting marshmallows with a torch, duh.

summer diptics

The feet of friends, water.

The feet of friends, tile.

summer diptics

Shady roads, the Hamptons.

Sunny skies, Palm Springs.

I hope you have a tremendous weekend.  I hope you do things that you both love and regret.  I’ll be back Monday with a pie.

Some things are certain.  Pie is one of those things.

summer diptic

48 thoughts on “Summer Diptychs

  1. I am just sitting down to do my vacation picture photo album – of the Hamptoms and Maine. I am inspired to add a few Diptics. Then, its off to the store to buy blue chesse for a tomato cobbler- a teriffic way to welcome ourselves back to reality. Thanks for the mini vacations you provide- love from California’s Central Coast

  2. Thanks for the new to me app rec. and for the virtual visual tour, makes me miss those Venice skies in a big bad way.

  3. Joy,

    Glad you’re enjoying your summer. Did your book tour make it to NYC??? Tell me I didn’t miss it. I’d love to just give you a big old hug, you got over my baking fear! Looking forward to what’s in store for Fall and Winter.

    Make it a great weekend!

  4. Yesterday I made the tomato cobbler with biscuits for lunch and I paired with the watermelon-feta cheese salad: a huge success! It almost looked as pretty as yours.

  5. It’s good to know that some things are certain: the beauty of a pink sky, for example, and pies. And, for us reading, also you, Joy. Thanks for being there, out in the world, writing us words that always make feel better.

  6. Love all the pics, Joy! That pink sky in the first – so gorgeous!

    And good for you for being out there living – and for having a few (about 17 I bet!) irons in the fire and good things coming up :) congrats!

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