Beyond the Kitchen

On Instagram

I’m completely obsessed with Instagram.

(For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is a phone app that allows for pretty picture sharing between friends and pretty picture stalking between strangers).

I’m obsessed with scrolling through Instagram photos because of the beauty and circumstance.  Instagram will tell me that my friend Tracy is making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers.  Instagram tells me that this British dude I met in a Hollywood bar two years ago wears friendship bracelets and plays a white guitar.  Instagram tells me that your sunset view is pretty and your new baby is pretty cute.  I can see your shoes.  You share your morning coffee.  And I can appreciate your love of plants, and farm life, and warm soup.  It’s all so weird and random and tailored and intimate.

Here’s who I love to see pop up in my Instagram feed:

on instagram bonnie tsang

Bonnie Tsang is a Los Angeles based photographer.  She has a most charming daughter… and Bonnie eats oh so often.  Her photos feel like very pretty real life.

on instagram ben rhau

Ben Rhau is a man in San Francisco with a great eye.  I appreciate his perspective.

on instagram ashley rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez is the voice behind Not Without Salt.  She makes really beautiful food and says really beautiful words.

on instagram lani trock

Kate Miss is a graphic designer/jewelry designer/taker of pretty pictures. I like the way she appreciates things I might otherwise skim over.  Kate Miss blogs at For Me For You.

on instagram cesttresbon

CestTresBon is crazy clean Japanese food photography.  Get into it!

on instagram benjamin hole

Benjamin Hole.  I don’t know you, Benjamin Hole… but I really love the things you see.  Farm life from The Isle of Purdeck, England.  Whaaaat!?

on instagram top notch faceting

Top Notch Faceting.  What would it be like if a gem cutter had an Instagram account.  Oh… THIS!

on instagram folk fibers

Folk Fibers.  Naturally dyed, handmade quilts from Texas.  It’s all so totally random and beautiful.  I LOVE IT!

on instagram makino0a

Makino0a.  Plants and the occasional hand.  You can pretend like you’re not wholly obsessed with these weird plants.  I happen to be completely enamored.

on instagram paul octavious

Paul Octavious is a photographer living in Chicago.  He takes pictures of things my brain doesn’t even think of.

on instagram tucker taylor

Tucker Taylor is the culinary gardener at The French Laundry in Yountville, California.  He grows beautiful (I mean… BEAUTIFUL) food, and occasionally places that food in his hand to photograph.  Yea… man-hand amazing.

on instagram spoon fork bacon

SpoonForkBacon is the Instagram to one of my very favorite food blogs of the same name. The photography is bright and playful.  I have my eyes on this Black Pepper Parmesan Beer Bread.

on instagram

Lani Trock has the most soft and delicate way of portraying the world around her. Lani’s photos make my heart feel right.

on instagram shutterbean

 Shutterbean.  Shoes, food, and a four year old from the life of Tracy Benjamin.

on instagram joy the baker

I love the peek inside the lives of others.  It’s like momentarily being transported to a different perspective and circumstance.  Here’s a look inside the circumstance of Joy the Baker.  Gummy bears, cookies, cupcakes, and a random picture of my father when he was four… typical.

xo joy