Shine Bright

shine bright

If you’re anything like me, you can’t handle another Peppermint Bark Recipe or Holiday Wreath DIY.  I can’t deal.  It’s not that I’m bah-humbuggy.  Not at all.  I’m totally into these happy winter holidays.  It’s just that everything feels like so much lately.

… How’s that for eloquent?  Everything is so much.  Really though… that’s the only way to describe it.

Today, I don’t have a cookie recipe for you.  Maybe tomorrow… ok, probably tomorrow, because I really do love cookies.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the coming year.  I know that Christmas isn’t even here yet, but thoughts of 2013 are my little way of denying all the Christmas tasks I still need to accomplish.  Plus… I love to think about newness.  It distracts from the shortcomings of nowness.

getting inspired

One of the best way for my brain to think about new things, is to occupy my hands with new adventures.  This past weekend (instead of buying gift-cards at The Gap), I spent the afternoon exploring water-color paints.  I want to practice my handwriting.  Just… you know… because it seems like a really satisfying thing to be good at.

getting inspired

I practiced my handwriting using the words that I am currently most obsessed with.  Rihanna’s Diamonds.  If you’re not yet into this song:  you’re welcome/I’m sorry.

Also, this is the new workspace I’ve created for myself.  Before you think me fancy, let me just tell you that this is a simple Ikea wooden countertop jankily arranged in my living room.  Janky or not, I feel inspired in this space.

getting inspired

I’m trying to live in the energy that is 2012 and gather new inspiration for 2013.  Pretty pictures always work to inspire me.

I spent some quality time with the most recent Kinfolk magazine, as well as Edible Boston.

People are taking some really beautiful food pictures.  Apparently, it’s all about white marble these days.

getting inspired

A Magazine curated by Rodarte is an issue inspired by California.  It’s obtuse and inspiring.  Something about weird fashion photos actually inspires my food brain.  It’s the colors and feeling that I always want to translate into every cookie and biscuit I make.

getting inspired

I treated myself to this pretty pair of glasses.   I don’t know what sort of drink is worthy of these glasses.  Bourbon something?  Sparkling something? It might take me a few months to figure this out.  I’ll have the patience as long as I can just stare at these pretty items occasionally.

getting inspired

My desk is lined with canning jars.

This week I’m making Maple Pecan Granola to fill these jars and give as gifts.  Right now, just the sight of the jars is medium-satisfying.

getting inspired

I’m writing a few last minute holiday cards.

“To Whom It May Concern,

Happy Holidays.  I love you and I think you’re rad.

Love, Joy”

Ok… that’s totally not what they say.

getting inspired

Mostly I’m just trying to take this in, and give this out.  That’s all there is, really.

If you’re feeling like everything about this time is so so much, just know that I’m with you in that sentiment.  Despite these feelings,  let little inspirations creep in.  I, for one, am trying to smile more often than I’m not smiling.  It’s a small thing, and it’s actually working.

I love you!  More cookies soon!

92 thoughts on “Shine Bright

  1. Why are you practicing your handwriting? I like your handwriting; it’s all loopy and pretty. Mine is very, very small. All of my teachers made fun of me for my small handwriting :P

  2. Joy, you are almost 20 years younger than me and yet I really think you are so wise. And mature. But not too mature (in a good way I mean). I’m just so impressed by you. I hope one day to see you on the bike path down by the beach. Happy healthy New Year (after enjoying your holiday season!!)

  3. I LOVE that bear. I want him in a print or something.
    I feel like the fancy glasses need something classy with layered colors.
    There’s a cocktail where you muddle raspberries and sugar and then pour prosecco on top. Maybe bitters is involved? I don’t know what it’s called but it’s tasty and it would sure look pretty in your glasses.

  4. You’ve hit it right on the mistletoe! It really is just too much. And because it’s too much i’m rebelling by being one of those who has yet to buy any xmas gifts :-/ I feel so scrooge-like, i just want to skip right into january. Thank you for making me feel less out of place!

  5. I completely understand. I want to do all sorts of things, but the stress of the holidays, the things that aren’t done, and, well, the news all conspired to make this a very not Christmas-y feeling. I’m hoping that it changes just a little bit, so I can enjoy the rest of the holidays for what they are rather than thinking about what needs to get done.

    Oh, and I made the bread again. 3 times in 3 days. You’d think that I cook nothing else!

  6. haha that song has been stucked in my mind since I first heard it, simply love it.
    As much as I love your blog as well, I share what you feel and I’m glad I’m not the only one :)

  7. The title of your post was deja vu for me until I realized that it’s because DJ Earworm compiled the top songs of 2012 into a compilation entitled “Shine Brighter” – be sure to listen to it for a quick music review of 2012 (:

  8. Beautiful workspace! I actually have the same Ikea countertop as my desk, and on the shelves above that (where I store my many dictionaries within easy reach – I write in 3 languages and it can get a little complicated) I pin inspiring pictures and quotations. Many years ago, when I studied in Prague, I took a course in Chinese calligraphy – it is so beautiful, but would, of course, take many many years to become good at.

  9. Those glasses are gorgeous as well as your new macked out workspace! Having a great space is KEY to having a good flow and being productive and harnessing our most creative selves I think!

    And the fact that you made homemade watercolor xmas cards is totally inspiring and like…wow! :)

  10. I was literally in the middle of singing along to this song when I saw this post in my Google Reader. Brilliant timing (and awesome song)!

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