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February 2013

Beyond the Kitchen

Hello again, New Orleans!

Do people write love songs about New Orleans?  Do they write sonnets?  Hold a boom box over their heads to profess their love to this city? Or do they just visit and return home full of gumbo, beads, bloody marys,…

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Beyond the Kitchen

10 Real-Talk Blog Tips Part II

Two years ago I revealed some blogging truths in something called  10 Real-Talk Blog Tips.  There’s a lot we don’t talk about when it comes to the business of blogging because we want to make things look easy… you know, like…

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Beyond the Kitchen Drinks Healthy

It’s Cold!

I know nothing about blizzards.  I know very little about multiple feet of snow.  Cold wind?  I can’t even.  Freezing rain!?  Are you for serious? I have nothing but respect for those of you that live in temperatures that fall…

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