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Mint and Cumin Salted Lassi

salted mint lassi

I got lost in a Google search time-suck.  I really did have the best intentions.  I was very fervently doing research for a Boston Cream Pie recipe when I stumbled upon the words ‘Salted’ and ‘Lassi’.  Hm.  Usually I find the word ‘Lassi’ paired with the word ‘Mango’, and I’m made to think of the too-thick-for-my-taste yogurt drink served at Indian restaurants.  A Salted Lassi is totally a new addition to my culinary mind.

This yogurt-based drink is paired with fresh mint and cumin.  Yea!  Cumin!  Get excited… this is actually really cool.

The mixture is blended until herby and smooth and them topped with a bit of sparkling water for serving.  This drink is super fresh, easy to drink, and majorly refreshing.  Paired with a super spicy chicken dish… seriously!?  This was delicious enough to make me forget about Boston Cream Pie.

Ps.  I like that we try new things together.

Pps.  Maybe this Salted Lassi isn’t new to you… in which case, what other treats do you have up your sleeve!?

salted mint lassi

This savory lassi starts with simple and humble ingredients.  I pulled together whole-milk yogurt, a big handful of fresh mint, whole cumin seeds, and  a grey sea salt.  We’re going to make these drinkable!

salted mint lassi

We use whole cumin seeds because we want to get the most flavor out of the spice as possible.  Whole cumin is toasted in a dry skillet then crushed in a small spice grinder.  I use this coffee grinder as a spice grinding situation and it works like a gem!

salted mint lassi

The fresh mint and yogurt combination makes this drink super tart and incredibly refreshing.

What is it about fresh mint that feels like a power herb?

salted mint lassi

Glasses are filled with ice and in goes the minty yogurt mixture.  I filled the glasses halfway with lassi then topped them off with sparkling water and a sprinkling of salt.

salted mint lassi

In essence, what we’re talking about is a savory yogurt-based soda.

Are you giving me the raised eyebrow?

Allow me to suggest you grab a super spicy chicken kabob, pair it with this mega-refreshing soda, and call me in the morning.

salted mint lassi

These Salted Lassis are surprising and refreshing.  The yogurt adds a creamy and tart element.  The mint is bright refreshment.  The cumin lends a grounding element to the bright and tart flavors.  The salt makes things all around enticing.  It really is delicious!

Oh!  If you’re wondering, I found these glasses at a place called H.D. Buttercup here in Los Angeles… though I couldn’t find a direct link to the glasses.

Mint and Cumin Salted Lassi

makes 4 small or 2 large drinks

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adapted from Susan Feniger’s Street Food

2 cups whole milk plain yogurt

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup fresh mint leaves

1/2 to 1 teaspoon whole cumin seeds

1/2 teaspoon coarse sea salt

For Serving:


Sparkling water

Coarse sea salt

Fresh mint leaves for garnish

Place whole cumin seeds in a dry skillet over medium heat.  Toast for one minute until fragrant and just slightly golden brown.  Remove from skillet and grind cumin seeds in a spice grinder until powdered.  If you don’t have a dedicated spice grinder, you can simply clean out your coffee grinder and go for it.

In a blender combine yogurt, water, fresh mint leaves, ground cumin, and salt.  Blend until min is smooth, about 1 minute.

To serve, fill glasses with ice cubes.  Fill the glass half full with blended yogurt mixture.  Top with sparkling water, a sprinkling of salt, and fresh mint leaves.  Serve.