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Mother’s Day Inspired

May 5, 2013

Mother's Day Inspiration

I think we should talk about Mother’s Day.  It’s time.

Let’s act like we’re all sorts of prepared to honor the women that were patient through our various temper tantrums (toddler, teenage, and otherwise).  If anyone is deserving of pink cocktails and warm scones, it’s our mamas.

I’m pretty sure that my mom is the best thing that ever happened to me… ever.    For this reason, she deserves brunch that she doesn’t have to prepared served on dishes she does not have to wash with gifts she did not have to wrap (or help me find the tape to seal).  Once a year isn’t too much to ask (actually… it’s probably waaay too little).

Mother's Day Inspiration

This year I paired up with the awesome people of HonestlyYUM for some totally proper, majorly colorful, Mother’s Day inspiration.  Everyday this week, Erica, Karen, Todd, and I will bring you a different Mother’s Day recipe, craft, or cocktail, centered around a pretty (mama approved) color.

Pink cocktails.  Yellow yums.  Lavender treats straight from the oven.  Pretty cream cake topped with white rose petals.  It’s going to be a good week indeed.

Mother's Day Inspiration

Mother's Day Inspiration

Blackberry and Lavender Scones coming your way tomorrow.

These would be amazing with Tangerine Lemon Curd.  Actually, most everything would be delicious with Tangerine Lemon Curd.

Mother's Day Inspiration

Mother's Day Inspiration

Delicious yellow Baked Egg Tartlets!  Recipe Wednesday!

Mother's Day Inspiration

We’re having cake on Thursday!  White Chocolate Rose Cake.

It’s as bonkers as it sounds.

Mother's Day Inspiration

Friday is cocktail day with Todd’s Raspberry Rose Fizz.

I’m not sure anything could be more dreamy.

Mother's Day Inspiration

We hope to inspire you.  We hope you make everyone sit still at the table while you take pretty pictures with your mama.  Make it memorable, for real.

Oh… ps.  Remember The Flower Recipe Book I told you about a few weeks back?  Brilliant Mother’s Day gift… though you still have to buy your mama flowers.  You’re not off the hook.

This week is brought to you with love, care, petals, eggs, gin, and sugar from:

Joy the Baker + HonestlyYUM + (styling and location support by) Love and Cupcakes + (floral design by) Twig and Twine + (beautiful plates by) Dish Wish

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