Beyond the Kitchen

Everything Is Scary and Awesome

cookbook collage

Can we push the pause button on this whole blogging thing for just a moment?

Can we just be real for a second?

I’m in the midst of shooting my second cookbook.  To say it’s anything other than totally nuts would be a lie.  It’s fun, scary, overwhelming, silly, and filling.  Shooting the cookbook is also pretty all-encompassing.  It’s everything I can manage to keep myself shooting, showered, and clothed.  I think I’ve been wearing the same outfit for three days straight.  No shame.

In addition to shooting the cookbook, I’ve cut my finger really badly on a staple (how!?), I’ve dropped my phone in a toilet,  I haven’t called my parents in far too long, and I’ve been apartment hunting in New Orleans as a brain escape… oh and I’m working on a big video project that I can’t wait to tell you about.

If I were to title this next book based on the dialogue in my head, it would be called Everything Is Scary and Awesome: a cookbook.

I really like to hypothetically title books.

real life

I’m just not the sort of person who can pretend like she’s got everything under control when things feel craaaazy.

Truth is, I’m trying to make this book as great as I can make it.  That means I’m baking all day, ironing tea towels as backdrops, and eating chips for dinner.  I’m totally not complaining.

Other truth is, this is what it’s really like.

I just wanted you to know why things might feel a touch slow around here… or why some recipes might feel a touch savory.  I can’t make another pie right now.  I just can’t.

Consider yourself in the know.  I can’t fake it with you.  We’re all friends.  (and I love you, for real.)