Some Favorites

bacon and cookies, please.

This is a story about a girl with bacon in her refrigerator, cookies in her jar, and snug-fitting jeans.  The story goes like this:  there once was a girl who had well-done bacon and chocolate-dipped cookies for breakfast.  It felt good and right and she had no regrets.  The End.

eggs and burnt toast breakfasting

I’ve been breakfasting hard this week.  For me that usually involves some sort of burnt bread situation.

I feel like breakfast is the one meal of the day that I have under control (burning aside).  Other eating tends to be a bit irresponsible.

knits and leopard

I’m trying out a new service called Stitch Fix.  Have you heard of this?  It’s like a friend shops for you, sends you bundles in the mail, and you pick and choose what you’d like to keep.  I’m new to the Stitch Fix game, but so far this knitted Kensi top in blue and green has given me great hope.

blue suede shoes

I am now the proud owner of a pair of blue suede shoes.  It’s been a lifelong dream.

These are Ted Baker men’s shoes.  Do you know how comfortable men have it in the shoe game!?  They’re doing it right.  Let’s get in their game.

strawberry coconut popsicles

As we’re saying goodbye to summer (I’m kicking and screaming), it also feels like it’s time to say goodbye to popsicles.

Billy, of the blog Wit and Vinegar, went out with a bang… otherwise known as Popsicle Week.

Some of my favorites are Green Smoothie Detox Pops and Chocolate-Dipped Coconut and Rum Popsicles.  Detox and chocolate.  Balance!

Above:  Roasted Strawberry and Toasted Coconut Popsicles.

summertime pumpkin pie

We may be leaving popsicle season, but I’m not ready for Pumpkin Pie just yet.  Almost, but not yet.

I am, however, experimenting with Pumpkin Pie recipes for the cookbook.

Pumpkin Pie lunch.  Twist my arm.

with mattbites

I have been very fortunate to hang out with people I admire lately.

I’ve admired Matt Armendariz’s food photographer and blog Matt Bites for years… five years to be exact.

He was kind enough to welcome me into his studio to give me some food photography tips, show me his extensive prop room, and let me put a colander on my head.

matt in the studio

Matt showed me his setup and approach to delectable food photography.  He also shared funny stories and laughed at all of my jokes. There will be a video of the whole day shortly.  We made a little something for you.

Seriously though… getting the chance to work with someone I’ve sooooo admired just overwhelms me.  It makes me emotional just to think about it.  If you chase down the thing that you love, if you do it even when it feels big and scary, if you do it through love and hate, if you just follow that thing you love… there are moments when you find yourself in a room working with one of your heroes.

That’s really cool.


Today is August 28, 2013.  It’s 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech.  To hear these words…. to really hear what they were, and how they’re still so raw, real, and important…. it’s a big deal for always.  Some things are NOT a big deal, Miley Cyrus being one of them.

72 thoughts on “Some Favorites

  1. JOY! I love those plates that the pic is on! Do you know where you got them or what they are called?

    Also- Your pancake recipes have changed my life.

  2. Joy,

    I am so glad that you’ve been such a hard breakfaster as of late. As a passionate fan of breakfast, I’m glad to see there are others in the world who appreciate it and take it as seriously as I do.

    I’ve been studying the riveting T.S. Elliot lately, and your recent post inspired a poem. Can you imagine if you and Tom shared the same, marvellous mind?

    Well, now you don’t have to.

    Caramelized, slow cooked passion
    Chopped emotions, raw, tears fall
    To the pan, seared skin
    Broiled, melted hearts
    Diced feelings, exposed, eyes burn
    To the oven, scorched veins
    Full fat mayo, caloric extravaganza
    Whole-grain mustard, bitter songs
    Close the kitchen, for love has finally knocked.

  3. I’m obsessed with men’s shoes and not yet ready for pumpkin either (but very excited for when I am!). Also, SO jealous you got to hang with Matt!!

  4. Yikes Joy – Your so stunning! It’s lovely to see you for a change (well over these last few posts)….I’m not normally a mega pie fan (I’m drawn in by brownies) but the crust on the pie above looks incredible.

    I chuckled at your fab blue Ted Baker shoes – I’ve gotten some amazing lurid bright colour work shirts from Mr Baker recently…Big fan! :)


  5. I’m definitely a summer girl too, I’m a little sad it’s coming to an end :( but will definitely be making the most of it whilst we can :)

  6. Your last line in this post (and in fact, every word that you write. Ever.) restores my faith in humanity. Thank you for being such an inspiring (not to mention fab-u-lous) blogger!! So many people need to take your kind of attitude towards life. I’m learning.

    Jess x

  7. Wow to work with such amazing people in such a creative environment, and am super excited about your new book and up coming projects. It must be great to be living and working in something you truly love.
    I hope you make the most of summer (what left of it that is) and enjoy every berry while it last.

  8. I agree with you, I’m definitely a summer girl. Luckily, there is only about 2 months that are cold where I live. And as you finish Summer, we are starting spring and I can start making all the delicious summer recipes I have been hoarding from your blog

  9. One of the best days of my life (not exaggerating or being dramatic here), truly, was the day I spent about 2-3 years ago with Matt & Adam at their studio and watching them in action, learning, and just seeing it all. Truly one of the most memorable and best days I’ve ever had. I would love to do it again. It was such a gift. I can only imagine how awesome it was for you being one-on-one and having colanders on your head in between jokes. LOVE IT.

    Pumpkin pie recipes for cookbooks. Oh my. This has been, and continues to…be my…project of 2013 :) Good luck finding one you love!

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