That Thing We Do


It would appear that we’re all totally weird, and none of us have any idea what is going on.  This is what the book shelves tell me.  I’m missing a window shade (pictured above), so clearly I have some major room to grow.

I’ve noticed  this generation of book written by women… they’re the sort of books that bat around the idea that the ‘I have no idea what’s going on, or how to be an adult, but I’ve figured a few things out throughout the few years I’ve lived as a young weirdo, and these are those things.’  What is this phenomenon?  I think it has everything to do with vulnerability and reliability… and how those things are scary and exhilarating for both the author and the reader.   I can appreciate that in a twentysomething coming-of-age story.

There’s Adulting, in which Kelly Williams Brown gives all sorts of helpful hints on adulthood from how to be a class act, to… you know, how to keep a houseplant alive for more than two days.  I need this book.  The plant pictured above is long-dead.

In Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar,  Kelly Oxford recounts a coming-of-age story that is totally relatable if you’re a girl that is breathing air.  This is my next read.

Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse  is written by Alida Nugent.  I stood in the book store reading this book and there was an Arrested Development reference by page ten.  Sold.  It’s about real life:  bills, laundry, and really bad  wine-tasting parties.  You know how it s.

If I were to write this sort of book… which I totally could, because I generally have no idea what to do with myself, my book might be called There’s A Pound of Butter In My Purse, and other weird things that are true.

I’m also thinking of a book titled something like I Didn’t Shave My Legs For This Date On Purpose.

How about I Made You Peanut Butter Cookies Then I Pretended To Forget To Give Them To You So I Ate Them All Myself.  Too long?  At least you know the sort of person you’re dealing with.

For this summer’s you-curated book list, check this out.  For more real-life real-talk on book writing, check out What It’s Really Like.

Tomorrow, Cherry Pie!

photo by lani trock

57 thoughts on “That Thing We Do

  1. “I Didn’t Shave My Legs For This Date On Purpose” hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I would absolutely read that book. In fact, I’d really like to have that printed on a tshirt. Thanks for making me laugh first thing on a Monday morning.

  2. Ha! Thank you for the p.b. cookie line. I baked some dangerously delicious butterscotch pecan brownies to give to my parents, and I keep opening the foil and plastic wrap packaging to snitch them. If I don’t get over to their house today they may never know how nice I intended to be!

  3. Yeah, I agree. None of us truly no what is going on, we are all just mumbling along trying to get a clearer idea. Btw, love the title of your book ‘I Didn’t Shave My Legs For This Date On Purpose’ haha!

  4. I highly recommend ‘How to be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran. It helped me realise we are all weird but its all good.

  5. I have already started my book. “Pack Up Your Bags, Here Comes Another Guilt Trip” I’m Italian, love to eat anything and have four sibling to compete with. I’m much older now and believe ot or not, I’ve gotten it down to just a carry on in every day life. LOL Paulette

  6. Or how about a book entitled ‘This Cake Went so Badly Wrong, The Middle Isn’t Even Cooked So I Cut out the Middle, Stuffed it with Fruit, Pretended It Was Supposed to be Like That and Hoped You didn’t Notice’?

  7. Yep you are my favorite human. And thanks for the last minute summer reading list! I’ll have to get on that before the semester starts in 2 weeks.

  8. I’ll happily co-author these weirdy books with you. I don’t know what to do with myself or my feelings either. You’re the best. P.S. One of my books might be called “WTF Universe?!”

    1. Brilliant! You need to send me a copy of the book once you make it :P ‘Wtf universe’ is one of the things I tell myself every single day… I’m also all about the ‘Im pretending to make stuff for you so secretly I can eat it all’.. I don’t believe anyone who says they never did this!
      – One a side note: wauw Joy, I wish I had so much space on my countertop or any flat surface in this house! >.<

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