Beyond the Kitchen

2014: Showing Up

showing up

There’s something about this year for me, something strong that is inviting me, imploring me, pushing me, even daring me to SHOW UP.

2014 doesn’t feel like one of those years I can kick back with my feet up and just see what happens.  This year is asking for much for than that.  I could easily set SHOWING UP aside for next year, or the year after that… but the time when I push off big challenging life things for future years is long gone. There’s just no time for that.  This year is asking me to get out of my box, get out of my comfort zone, and to be present in all of it.

I like what this year is asking of me, and by ‘like’ I mean that my eyes are extra wide and I’m a little (a lot) nervous.

SHOWING UP is a choice.  It’s a bold choice.  It takes guts.  In my experience, SHOWING UP can be accompanied by feelings of self-doubt.  Fear inspired self-doubt… the most annoying kind.  Feeling like:  Who do I think I am?  Do I really have enough to offer?  Do I have enough faith?  Do I have the right words?  Is there enough kindness in my heart?  The answer is YES of course!  I am everything I need to be. I am are enough. I am SHOWING UP!  That’s it.  And where I show weaknesses, God steps in and is like.. BOOM!  Thank heaven for that.

My first exercise in SHOWING UP this year involves a long plane ride and a few vaccinations.  All next week I’ll be in Uganda with Compassion International. Compassion is a Christian organization that works through churches to support children and families living in poverty.  It’s an organization I’ve supported for years and I really believe in the work that they do.  I’ve got my passport, my camera, and my heart (I’m totally going to need that) and I get to connect with super cute kids and learn about how they live.  I’ll be blogging about my experiences in Uganda all next week and I’m really excited to share with you.  There will also be regular food posts next week, because I know that we’re a hungry bunch, but Compassion is important to me and I thank you for being a part of this experience with me.  Thank you for your encouragement, support, and prayers.  You are amazing.  SHOWING UP: Uganda.

Fellow bloggers in Uganda include:  The Nester, Emily from Chatting at the Sky, Jeff Goins, Bri McKoy, and Shaun Groves.  We’re all on this adventure together and our goal is to get 400 new children sponsored.  We’re in it!

How are you SHOWING UP this year?  Let’s be big and great in all the ways we live.